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Mega News Roundup – August 17

Roundup of today's news... Liverpool Wouldn't it be really ironic if tomorrow morning we were to find out that Newcastle had offered Kuyt a double-your-money deal...

Transfer News Roundup – Tottenham, Manchester United, Real Madrid

A quick update on the transfer news tonight: Tottenham Tottenham have sold Andy Reid to Charlton for a 3 mil fee. As far as their left-wing...

Transfer News Roundup – Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester United

Dirk Kuyt and Owen Hargreaves could be headed to the Premiership, while Newcastle are moving for Collins John instead of Obafemi Martins. Liverpool Dirk Kuyt has...

Football News Roundup – August 11

A lot of controversy from yesterday's posts - the angry comments are still coming in. I *should* put up a disclaimer, but first, a...

Manchester United News Roundup – Kuszczak, Diarra, Rooney, Ronaldo

Kuszczak comes in on loan, Senna put on hold in favour of Diarra and Rooney is still help Ronaldo out with the boo-boys. I'm not...

3 reasons why Ribery is NOT going to Tottenham

The following post contains heavy doses of sarcasm and leg-pulling. Take it on the chin folks, after all, it's all true :) Ya know, once...

All the latest transfer rumours – August 10

Arsenal fans are kicking up a ruckus over Chelsea's public statement that they are not willing to increase their offer for Ashley Cole. I'm...

Chelsea have Arsenal in a bind over Ashley Cole

A point I wanted to add (after reading ArseBlog's comments on the Chelsea-Arsenal impasse): Ashley Cole is not worth a pound over 10-12 mil. Granted,...

Manchester United To Choose Between Martins & Adriano

It's a nice choice to have, provided Manchester United can foot the transfer bill for one of them, and that figure will not be...

Liverpool and Chelsea stumble, Arsenal stick to selling, Manchester United bag Kuszczak?

Today's million dollar question: How much is Ashley Cole really worth as a player? It's a question that is seemingly the root of the delay...

All the latest transfer rumours – August 09

This article was written in August 2006. For the latest transfer news, head to our transfer news and rumours column. With 10 days to go...

Football News Roundup – August 09

More football news than you can shake a stick at. Arsenal News A 3-0 win over Dynamo Zagreb will have Arsenal fans over the moon, but...