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AC Cugini Scuola Calcio Announces Youth Training Camp with Fiorentina

Images courtesy of AC Cugini Scuola Calcio. Each year, AC Cugini Scuola Calcio (Football School) takes young players on tours of Italy where they compete...

Style Over Stamina: Why it’s time British children had a ball at their feet

England's failure to qualify for Euro 2008 has had fans, officials and journalists alike busily arguing over the state of the English national game....

Interview with Mr. Ian Blanchard, Head of National Referee Development for the Football Association

Images courtesy of Ian Blanchard and the English Football Association. Soccerlens is extremely pleased and honored to welcome Mr. Ian Blanchard. He has a very...

A Blueprint For Youth Football Training

Soccerlens is proud to welcome Mark Carter, Director of Ministry of Football, as a guest columnist. How can we help create players who can invent...

Interview with Eddie Marles, North and Latin America Managing Director for AC Milan

Images courtesy of AC Milan. Progetto Giovani means "Youth Program." Soccerlens is very pleased to welcome Mr. Eddie Marles, who is the North and Latin...

Goalkeeper training and the G-Code

How many of you self-styled armchair critics play football yourselves? Not many, eh? Thought so. For those souls who play football, I'm sure you understand the...