Football Tactics

To track or not to track? A Milan demonstration on stopping Tottenham at home

Fun fact: Tracking was extremely important to the pivotal champions league knockout round second leg between Tottenham and AC Milan. The Rossoneri went into the game very much the...

How To Play like Barcelona in Football Manager 2011

Everybody loves Barcelona, I know I do! Well, everybody except the Real Madrid fans I guess, but they might also be impressed by Barcelona's...

Football Algebra

Unless we’re watching an International friendly, the days of a football team donning the traditional 1 to 11 numbering system is long behind us. Since...

Set-Piece Tactics: Direct Free Kick fun

Direct free kicks aren't the same as corners. A simple point, but important. For one thing, there is much less point being complicated when...

Set-Piece Tactics: Thinking outside the (6 yard) box

'Why not create a Corner situation in which those players you have... can excel?'

Fullback Tactics: Out Wide Or In The Box?

Fullback's aren't all they are cracked up to be - at least, not at the moment.