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Detailed coverage of Chelsea football club and its players, including match reports, transfers, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

We also have sections on Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho (including a dedicated Jose Mourinho quotes page), Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Chelsea players Andriy Shevchenko and Frank Lampard.

Why I Seriously Considered Being A Chelsea Fan

There was a fascinating article in Yahoo Sports the other day that talked about New York Yankees and their rich, fan-owner, George SteinBrenner. Reading it...

Football News Roundup – August 02 – Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea

Today's football news is all about players fighting with their clubs and vice versa. And yes, it's the big three (United, Arsenal and Chelsea)...

We Need More Information On Duff’s Transfer To Newcastle

Surprise surprise - according to Newcastle United's statement to the Stock Exchange, Duff has moved from Chelsea to Newcastle (leaving behind Tottenham in the...

Why Tottenham And Liverpool Lost Out To Newcastle On Chelsea’s Duff

Update: Newcastle have bought Chelsea for 5 mil. When I last wrote about Newcastle United's ability to price opposition clubs out of the market, I...

Chelsea Make Space For Ashley Cole

As scripts go, Asier Del Horno's stay at Stamford Bridge did not go according to plan. At left back he was often the weakest...

A Peek Into Chelsea’s Plans For Duff (Tottenham Fans Please Read)

While all Chelsea fans would be looking at the new Chelsea home kit, the presentation also provided an opportunity for reporters to ask Jose...

Chelsea / Adidas New 2006/2007 Home Kit Unveiled

And you know what ... it's not a bad kit at all. You can catch pictures of the new Chelsea / Adidas kit over at...

Who Will Chelsea Buy (and Sell) Next?

Jose Mourinho's statement yesterday (that Chelsea will be bringing in just one more player this summer) will inevitably lead to a lot of speculation...

Conflicting News About Duff From Chelsea and Tottenham

There have been conflicting news reports coming out of Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane regarding Tottenham's bid for the Chelsea winger. Here's what I...

Chelsea Transfer News – Gallas, Robben, Roberto Carlos, Tevez, Ashley Cole

Chelsea looked to have completed their massive summer buying spree before the World Cup, with five-six new players coming in before 9th June. However, with...

Rumours Update – Chelsea and Arsenal

Bits and pieces of news here...both Chelsea and Arsenal had their players involved in the World Cup final last night - if you're interest,...

2006 World Cup Final – A look at the clubs involved

Italy vs France promises to be a classic - two teams extremely strong in defense and fast on the counter and down the flanks....