Suarez commits to Liverpool – at least for now


‘Suarez signs new contract’ is everything that Liverpool fans will have wanted to hear. With their talismanic striker now committed to the club long term, and in the scintillating form that prompts people to talk of him as the best player on thep lanet, the future for a Reds renaissance seemed well on track. Reports leaking out however may mean that may not be the full picture.

Sunday mornnig saw the Anfield club sitting proudly atop the table, and with a third of the season now surpassed, this is not any early term fluke. Brendan Rodgers has the Reds revival apparently on track, and if he can keep this squad together, with a bit of strengthening perhaps in January, Champions League qua;ification is beckoning. But there’s the rub apparently.

Several reports are suggesting that perhaps the contract commitment may not be all that it seems. If things go exceptionally well in the remainder of the season, and Liverpool become champions, or at least finish in that coveted top four position, it seems veryl ikely that Suarez will indeed stay.

However, if they slip to fifth, even should they pick up a trophy, the situation could be entirely different. If current rumours that there’s an ‘escape clause’ in the contract prove to be correct, the club may be bound by an agreement to accept a bid of a certain level from one of the top Spanish clubs. clearly, all this may just be ‘paper talk’ but there’s an awful lot of rumours around for it to have no substance at all.

The trick for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool however, is that they could make all of this speculation pointless by fulfilling the promise of the early season form. Keeping Suarez on song will be a very important point of this equation, and hitting that top four finish position.

Do that, and all becomes clear. Fail however, and we’ll see whether the speculation was true.

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