Steven Gerrard the Hypocrite

Liverpool captain, Liverpool legend, England vice-captain (and legend-in-making) and the standard-bearer of English morality and ethical behavior, one Steven Gerrard, has many fans.

Indeed, despite his insistence that ‘people like Carvalho are ruining the game’ (the implication being that the English fight fair and not dirty like those scumbag foreigners), he is still one of the most respected players in the Premier League (by his peers as well as the massive Liverpool faithful).

We shouldn’t be calling Steven Gerrard a hypocrite – after all, when last year this website called him a diver, Liverpool fans came out in the streets to protest. They were right too – diving as a tradition has nothing to do with Liverpool (they’re more of the hopeless fantasy sort, Newcastle United 20 years after their last title, except that they’ve won way more titles than the Geordies and therefore their pain – and openness to ridicule – is palpably more).

However, as a figurehead, as the boy wonder turned captain, as the leader of Scousers and the man who brought them to Champions League glory (although the starting point was that picture at the top, which tells a whole new story), Steven Gerrard has put himself out, thanks to numerous sound-bites and his autobiography, as the chief defender of the morality of English footballers.

I’d like you to see the following video in that light. Much thanks to Scott from Republik of Mancunia for compiling this:

So…are English players really as clean as Gerrard says they are?