BetUS vs Bovada – In-Depth Comparison 2023

BetUS and Bovada are two of the most well-known names in the gambling world. They have been providing sports bettors a top-quality experience for decades and millions of bettors place bets with them every month.

On this page, we attempt to answer the question of which one of these two behemoths is better. Our team of experts did in-depth research on both these sites and explored every aspect including bonuses, available markets, payments, odds, and more to determine who comes out on top in the battle of Bovada vs BetUS.

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Up to $2,500 with a 125% deposit match (100% sports bonus and 25% casino bonus)

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75% Crypto Deposit Bonus up to $750

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BetUS vs Bovada – Review Summary

One of the most important factors in assessing the quality of a sportsbook and determining the winner of BetUS vs Bovada is what sports they offer and what kind of betting lines they offer on those sports. With over 20 sports and diverse markets on all major sports as well as some more obscure ones. BetUS and Bovada both perform well in offering a wide range of sports and lines.

Just as important as what markets are available are the odds on offer. The main objective of betting is to win more money than you lose in the long term. Finding odds that give good value is critical to achieving this. Both BetUS and Bovada provide above-average odds when compared to their competitors. Compared to each other they are on par.

Bovada homepage. Bovada vs BetUS

Bonuses are another key factor in achieving long-term gambling success. The more funds you have, means the more bets you can place which results in a higher chance of winning. Bonuses increase your wallet thus increasing your chances of winning and without risking your own money in the process. Once again BetUS and Bovada are evenly matched in terms of bonuses with both having a plethora of opportunities for users to claim freebies.

The battle between these two sportsbooks was hotly contested and determining which one is the best was no easy feat. However, we managed to come to a conclusion. Keep reading to discover our thoughts on the different features of the sites, what they do well, areas they could improve and ultimately which one we prefer.

What are BetUS and Bovada?

BetUS and Bovada are both preeminent offshore gambling sites that have been around for years. An offshore sportsbook simply refers to any sports betting site that is not based within the USA but rather has its headquarters and holds a gaming license from an overseas organization. In the case of these two sportsbooks, they are both located in Costa Rica and hold a license from the Curacao gaming commission.

The advantages of offshore sportsbooks are first that they can be accessed by bettors from any state and players can place bets on sports regardless of if your state has passed sports betting legislation.

BetUS homepage

Secondly, domestic sportsbooks that are legal in a state have to abide by whatever the state’s restrictions are. For instance, many states that have legalized betting place restrictions on collegiate sports either outright banning it or majorly limiting it by not allowing props or bets on teams within the state, but offshore sportsbooks are able to offer any type of bet on college sports.

An additional benefit of offshore sportsbooks is that they tend to offer more sports than domestic betting sites as they cater to a global audience. Domestic sportsbooks mostly offer only the most popular sports and leagues in the US but at offshore sites, you will find a plethora of sports that aren’t particularly popular in the US like rugby, darts, and cricket, as well as plenty of basketball, baseball and soccer leagues from a variety of different countries.

BetUS vs Bovada – Bonuses

The online sports betting industry is an incredibly crowded marketplace. One major benefit of there being so many choices for users is that most of them offer big bonuses to attract new users and retain their current customers. In this section, we’ll run through the different bonuses and promotions that these two sites offer and let you know where you will find the best offers.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are often the most lucrative bonuses a site will offer its customers and they are a one-time thing so picking a site with a good one is important. They are a great way to potentially increase reward while minimizing risk.

Two different welcome bonuses are available by using the Bovada promo codes. The standard bonus is available for everyone and every deposit method. With this bonus, you are awarded 50% of your first deposit up to a maximum of $250. The alternative bonus is only accessible to users who deposit via cryptocurrency. This bonus is more lucrative and is a 75% deposit match up to $750.

BetUS promo codes also provide two welcome bonuses and like Bovada one is for everyone and the other specifically for crypto deposits. The regular bonus is a 100% match worth up to $2,500 + an additional 25% match of up to $625 to use at their online casino. The crypto deposit is slightly higher in value being a 150% match up to  $3,750 + 50% up to $1,250 to use at the casino.

BetUS appears to be the better bonus, however, an important aspect of any bonus is the terms and conditions. These bonuses aren’t just free cash you can withdraw straight away, there are requirements a user must meet before withdrawing. The first is the rollover requirement and at Bovada the requirement is just 5x whereas at BetUS the rollover is 10x for the standard bonus and 15x for the crypto bonus.

Additionally, the time you have before the bonus expires and is removed from your account is important. Bovada you have up to 6 months but BetUS just 14 days. Also, the minimum deposit at BetUS to claim the bonus is $100 but at Bovada it’s just $20.

In terms of which one is the better welcome bonus, the answer is very dependent on what type of bettor you are. If you are going to deposit and bet thousands of dollars then BetUS may be the better option. However, if you want to deposit smaller amounts and aren’t betting very regularly then Bovada offers you better value.

Regular Welcome Bonus

Betting Site Welcome Bonus Promo Code Rollover  Minimum Deposit Time Limit
Bovada 50% deposit match up to $250 BVD1000 5x $20 6 months
BetUS 100% deposit  match up to $2,500 JOIN125 10X $100 14 days

Crypto Welcome Bonus

Betting Site Welcome Bonus Promo Code Rollover  Minimum Deposit Time Limit
Bovada 75% deposit match up to $750 BVD1000 5x $20 6 months
BetUS 150% deposit match up to $3,750 JOIN125 15X $100 14 days

BetUS Bonus Pros:

  • Worth up to $2,500
  • Also, gain additional casino bonus
  • 300% refer a friend bonus

BetUS Bonus Cons:

  • 14-day expiry on all bonus offers
  • high rollover requirment
  • Minimum deposit of $100 to qualify

Bovada Bonus Pros:

  • Low rollover requirements
  • 6-month time period to clear the bonus
  • Only $20 minimum deposit to qualify

Bovada Bonus Cons:

  • Low bonus if not using cryptocurrency

Existing Player Promos

Once you’ve exhausted your welcome bonus and hopefully been able to cash it out, you want a sportsbook that keeps rewarding you. Knowing what regular promotions are available for existing customers is just as important as the welcome bonus.

A common existing customer bonus that sportsbooks offer is a reload bonus also known as re-ups. These award users a percent match of all deposits they make not just the first one but usually not as a higher percentage or dollar amount. Both Bovada and BetUS offer their users reload bonuses.  The amount of the reload bonus at each of these sites is dependent on your level in their loyalty scheme, which we will go into more information about later, and how much you are depositing.

An additional way to earn free bets at both sites is with refer-a-friend bonuses. If one of your friends is looking for a betting site and you recommend these then the sportsbooks will reward you. At Bovada you will receive 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $200 or $275 if they use crypto. At BetUS, you can claim 300% up to $6,000. This is split into 100% of your friend’s first 3 deposits and any amount you receive is split evenly between the sportsbook and casino.

BetUS existing promos: BetUS vs Bovada

Free entry into tournaments and competitions is also another way these sites reward their loyal customers. During big sporting events like the Super Bowl, the FIFA World Cup, March Madness, or the NBA finals, the sites will usually have competition with substantial prizes often in the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. They will often give free entry to existing customers if they make a deposit or place a certain type of bet around the time of the event.

Much like the welcome bonuses, BetUS provides higher value for existing promotions but Bovada has more achievable requirements and it again depends on your gambling style which one is the better choice.

VIP & Loyalty Schemes

As we mentioned earlier both of these sites have VIP or loyalty schemes that reward their loyal customers. Making sure that a site has a decent program that rewards its regular users is important as if you are going to invest time ad money into a sportsbook you want them to reward you for that.

When you sign up to Bovada and make your first deposit you are automatically entered into their VIP program. As a member, you are rewarded points for every bet you make on the site. Not all bet types are worth the same number of points. If you place a singles bet you will receive two points for every dollar wager, which is the lowest number of points you can get. If you place a parlay bet you receive twenty-five points for every dollar, which is the highest points value per dollar. All different bet types have a certain value ranging between these two types.Bovada Full VIP: BetUS vs Bovada

Once you reach 2,500 points you will qualify for a reward and move up a level. The higher level you are the fewer points are required to claim a reward and you gain additional benefits such as weekly deposit bonuses, a specialized account manager, and express payouts. At the highest level, you will receive invitations to exclusive Bovada events and parties.

BetUS also automatically anyone who signs up to them and makes a deposit of $50 or more. You also earn points for every bet place. Here it is a point for every dollar, 2 points for every dollar over $500 wagered, and 2.25 for every dollar over $1,000. Like Bovada you also move up levels when you reach certain milestones, and each time you move up you get $500 worth of free bets and better rewards.

Additional rewards include higher -re-up bonuses, free withdrawals, and entry to free tournaments. The higher your level the higher the re-up bonuses and the larger the prizes at the tournaments you are given free entry to. We should mention that if you win a prize at the tournament it is straight cash meaning no rollover requirements which is a major plus.

We hate to say this again but in terms of loyalty programs, we declare a tie, and neither side is better than the other. They are both fantastic schemes and it really depends on your preferences on which one is better.

BetUS vs Bovada – Available Sports

As you would expect from two of the best sportsbooks there is a myriad of different sports and deep betting lines at both these sites. The biggest leagues in the USA such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are all covered. There’s also a healthy offering of collegiate sports and other popular sports like soccer, golf, MMA, and tennis.

BetUS has lines on 20 different sports, including the most popular US sports as well as a handful of sports not as popular in the US as they are around the world like cricket and rugby. The available markets they have depends on the sport and the specific match. For the biggest matches in the most popular sports you can expect 70-100 or more bets and for less popular sports or less high-profile games, you can find around 20-70 markets.

Bovada all sports

Bovada has a couple more sports than BetUS with 22 available. They also generally have more markets available with 120-200 bet types on the more popular sports. In addition, they have a what’s your wager tool on the site where you can request any bet you want including on sports that may not be regularly featured on the site, and they will most likely provide you with odds and let you place the wager.

Both the sites have a large number of sports and betting lines compared to many of their competitors and again are fairly evenly matched in this respect. However, we have our first winner of a category in the BetUS vs Bovada war and it is Bovada that takes this section. They have a few more sports, and more regular betting options. Furthermore, the what’s your wager feature is really what won it for them as it means that the betting possibilities are almost limitless.

Live Betting and Streaming

In recent years live betting also known as in-play betting has become one of the most popular ways to bet on sports and thus assessing what features and markets these two sites offered was of paramount importance when comparing them. Live streaming and the ability to watch live sports on your sportsbook isn’t an essential feature but it is definitely one that enhances your overall experience and it’s better to have it than to not.

Live betting at BetUS and Bovada is superb. You can find a wide array of sports and deep markets to bet on during live games. Bovada generally provides slightly more markets during in-play betting and offers some interesting betting possibilities that BetUS does not such as the race to 20 points in each quarter of basketball games.

Bovada Live betting

A more modern-looking interface with great graphics is provided by Bovada and it contains many additional features. You can check on the live game and player stats, check rosters,  view previous results, and follow play-by-play action. BetUs’ interface is a bit more simplistic with just the up-to-date scores being shown.

Users can live-stream selected sports matches on both sites. We found that while Bovada’s streams were slightly better quality and had fewer buffering issues, BetUS had more streams of high-profile sports and games.

For live streaming, the sites finish tied up again but Bovada wins in terms of live betting. They offer more in-play markets and the user interface is much more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

BetUS live betting and streaming


Finding good value odds is essential if you want to stand a decent chance of long-term gambling success. During our evaluation of these two books, we found that when compared to both other offshore sportsbooks and domestic sportsbooks such as DraftKings, BetUS, and Bovada had above-average odds across the board.

When compared to each other, neither sportsbook outdid the competitor. Across all the major sports the moneylines were almost always the same and if there was a difference it was minimal, sometimes it was BetUS with the favorable odds and sometimes it was Bovada, so we have to declare the battle of odds of Bovada vs BetUS a tie.

BetUS vs Bovada – User Experience

Having a site that is easy to navigate, runs smoothly, and offers features that make it simple and convenient to place the bets you want is an imperative feature when picking a site. You don’t want to waste time searching for what you want, placing the bests you want, or be sat twiddling your thumbs while pages load.

At either site, you are not going to have an issue with navigating the site. The layouts of the site make it easy to switch between different sports and different sections of the website. We also didn’t run into any issues with loading times and everything was processed quickly.

However, Bovada features a few more drop down menus and filters that offered a slightly more convenient experience overall. Furthermore, aesthetically speaking Bovada comes out on top. Their website just looks a bit sharper and more modern.Bovada prop tool. Bovada vs BetUS

In addition to these two points, Bovada also offers some handy features like a prop builder tool and an automatic round robin tool that simplified placing certain bet types. At BetUS if you want to place a round robin you need to input all the bets yourself manually.

At BetUS there are two features that BetUS offers that Bovada and most other sites do not. Users at BetUS have unlimited access to the Locker room which has a plethora of sports news as well as picks and predictions from gambling experts.

They also have BetUS TV which supplies tips, predictions, and more in video format. These features really enhance the overall experience and provide beneficial information that can give you the edge when it comes to placing bets.

It was a tight run battle for BetUS vs Bovada when comparing the user experience but we have to give this one to Bovada again. BetUS’ locker room and BetUS TV are amazing features but the additional tools and features at Bovada just give it the edge.

BetUS Pros & Cons


  • Streaming service with picks and predictions
  • ‘Locker room’ blog
  • Minimal loading times


  • Not as many tools and filters as Bovada

Bovada Pros & Cons


  • Lots of useful tools and features
  • Fast loading times
  • Filters and menu tabs make it easy to navigate


  • No blog

Mobile App

The days of having a good mobile betting site or app just being a nice feature but not essential are long gone. Any sportsbook worth its weight in gold must provide users with a high-quality mobile betting experience. Fortunately, both these sportsbooks provide just that.

You can perform all the same functions and find all the same betting markets including live betting at either of these sportsbook’s mobile sites. Like their main sites, neither app had any issues with loading or functionality. However, we have to say that Bovada’s mobile site was superior as there were more filters and menu tabs which made it more user-friendly.

BetUS mobile app comparison Bovada

Customer Service 

In an ideal world, you will never need to contact customer service as if you do it usually means you have a problem. However, there is always a chance you may face an issue, and knowing that a sportsbook has a superb customer service team is a great way to put your mind at rest.

Any small queries you have when using either sportsbook can most probably be answered in their FAQ sections as they both provide an exhaustive list of the most common questions customers have. Bovada also features a community section where you can pose questions to other users.

You can also contact agents via email if you can’t find the answer to your question and your issue or question isn’t something that needs immediate action. Both sites advertise that you will get a response usually within 24 hours. When we tested this method we got a response within a few hours.

If you have a more urgent issue you can contact customer service at both sites using their live chat feature which is available 24/7. When we used this feature we got responses within a few minutes at most and the agents were incredibly helpful and polite.

BetUS also provides a phone line where you can contact agents directly. The phoneline is also available 24/7. when we rang the phoneline we almost always got straight through and the longest we had to wait for an answer was about 2-5 minutes. Unfortunately, Bovada does not provide a phone line to contact customer service.

The level of support at both sites is excellent and we had no issues with either one. However, BetUS wins this section of the BetUS Bovada battle,  just because they offer the additional option of a phone line and sometimes it’s just easier to speak to someone on the phone than type everything out.

Safety & Regulation 

Every aspect we have gone over so far is incredibly important when determining how good a sportsbook is. But, the most essential facet you need to consider is how safe and fair a sportsbook is.  You want to be assured that your money and information is not at risk of being stolen by hackers as well as know that the site itself is offering a fair experience and not cheating you out of your money.

Bovada and BetUS both hold licenses from the Curacao gaming commission which is a reputable organization that regulates many gambling sites across the globe. So, you can be sure that both sites are legitimate and offer a fair gambling experience.

To ensure that your information and money are secure from malicious third parties both sites utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encrypts your data. SSL makes sure that any information supplied to the website is secure and confidential so if the hackers attempt to attack the website your information can not be seen.

BetUS and Bovada have both been in operation for many many years and they would not have survived this long if they didn’t provide a safe and fair gambling site. They both take security very seriously and are well-regulated meaning that for this section, there is again no winner.

Payment & Withdrawals

When it comes to funding your betting account and extracting your winnings the best online sportsbooks should offer a variety of options to suit their user’s needs and Bovada and BetUS do just that. The payment options at both these sites are very similar. They each accept various cryptocurrencies, eWallets, and fiat options.

The traditional payment methods at both sites are exactly the same including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and checks. At both sites you are usually going to be charged when using fiat options and the charges vary depending on how much you deposit and which method you use.

BetUS payments

In terms of digital transactions at either site, you can use crypto for both deposits and withdrawals. Bovada offers six different cryptocurrencies whereas BetUS just four. You can also use eWallets at both sites. Neither sportsbook charges you any fees for depositing or withdrawing via crypto or eWallets and transactions are speedy.

When it comes to depositing limits both sites’ minimum amount is the same set at $10. Hover, BetUS’ maximum limit is much higher set at $50,000 whereas Bovada’s is $15,000. On the other hand, Bovada’s maximum withdrawal limit is higher, set at $9,500 per withdrawal and has a $180,050 weekly limit. BetUS’ is $5,000 per day and $35,00 per week, although higher withdrawals are possible at BetUS, you just need to phone and arrange it with a manager.

In the battle of  BetUS vs Bovada payment options, the winner depends on your gambling habits. For most users, we would say Bovada offers the slightly better option as they have a higher withdrawal limit plus you can use PayPal and vouchers. However, if you are someone who wants to deposit huge amounts into your account BetUS may be the better choice.

Payment options at a glance

Betting Site Available methods Min/Max Deposit Min/Max Withdrawals Fiat Withdrawl Times  Crypto & Wallet Withdrawal times
Bovada Credit/Debit cards, wire transfers, check, vouchers, P2P, Crypto, eWallets, Match Pay $10/$15,000 $10/$9,500

Weekly limit of $180,050

1-10 days 1 minute- 48 hours
BetUS Credit/Debit cards, wire transfers, check, P2P, Crypto, eWallets $10/$50,000 Min $10 daily maximum of $5,000 1-10 days 24-48 hours

BetUS Payment Methods Pros:

  • Multiple conventional and digital payment methods
  • $50,000 maximum deposit limit
  • Can arrange different limits by calling customer service

BetUS Payment Methods Cons:

  • Fees and high minimum withdrawal limits on fiat options

Bovada Payment Methods Pros:

  • High cashout limits
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • eWallets including PayPal available

Bovada Payment Methods Cons:

  • Max deposit is much lower than BetUS


Our extensive research to determine the winner of Bovada vs BetUS involved looking at a wide range of aspects and  both of the sites performed incredibly well in every respect. Whichever site you choose you can be assured that you are in safe hands. You are getting some of the most competitive odds around and an overall fantastic gambling experience.

While it was a very tight clash, we declare the overall winner as (drumroll, please)Bovada. They just have the scales tip in their favor as they offer more betting markets, a few more payment options, and the site has a few extra features that provide a marginally better overall experience.

The whats your wager feature at Bovada really stood out to us. It makes the betting options practically limitless and the more betting options you have the higher the chances you have of finding and placing a winning bet.

Another big factor in selecting Bovada as the winner was the website design. As well as looking better, the features and menus just made for a more convenient better betting experience.

We have to reiterate that both sites are top-quality and you won’t be disappointed with either one. BetUS may be the better option for some bettors, but for us, Bovada is the victor.


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