Important Dates, Newcastle’s New Sugar Daddy, New CL Format and more

Monday, 15th December, 2008. Possibly the most important day of this month, considering that we’ve announced the winners of the 2008 Soccerlens awards today. Other important dates of the year include the annual release of the Gemma Atkinson calendar, Soccerlens’ birthday, April 1st, the last day of the transfer season and …

Well, you get the picture. We’re chuffed about the awards, they’ve been more popular than we thought possible, and we’ve discovered new sites and learned new things (good and bad) that we’ll be using for next year’s awards.

On to the day’s links, proudly brought to you by Sapphira O’Shannon (proof that the Conference is no barrier to beauty) and Saba Wesser (proof that Ethiopians can do something other than running):

And once again, check out the winners of the 2008 Soccerlens Awards – several top sites that should be on your RSS reader.