Should Tottenham sign Frings this summer?

Here’s a question for Tottenham fans? Do you think Torsten Frings – the Werder Bremen midfielder and German international – would be a good addition to the current Tottenham squad?

Now before you guys hurl abuse at me 🙂 here’s what I’m looking for – I’ve watch Frings play, and I know this much about him – he’s a hard-as-nails, quality midfielder who relishes being the star of the show. He can run the midfield, has a ridiculously good long-range shot and overall he’s a decent player who can do quite well for Tottenham.

The downside for Tottenham would be that he’s temperamental and moody, so he might not take lightly to being rotated in the Tottenham midfield by Jol. Plus with Zokora, Huddlestone and Jenas already there, the midfielder coming in should be top-notch so he can cement his place, not someone who’s in and out of the squad.

For my money, Frings can fit the bill.

More on Frings:

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What do you guys think?

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