Should Chelsea cash in on Lampard?

After seeing how Arsenal and Manchester United got less money than they deserved for their star strikers, there’s a good case to be made that Chelsea should cash in on Frank Lampard this summer.

At this point, a lot of angry Chelsea fans are going to blindly question the idea, so let me just ask you this – read, consider and THEN argue.

This is NOT a rant against Chelsea or Lampard (good club, good player).

At 29, Lampard will NOT command a higher transfer fee next summer or in any future summers than he will this summer. His wage demands are legitimate – why shouldn’t your best midfielder be paid the same as a non-performing striker and arguably your 4th or 5th best midfielder from last season – and whether he gets them or not, Chelsea will still be

There’s a chance that Lampard will turn in the season of his life in 2007/2008 – however mind you that with Euro 2008 coming up and with the sheer punishment he has put himself through in the last 3 years, Lampard is NOT due a great season (and by his standards a great season would be 25 goals or more). I wouldn’t be surprised if he got another 20 next season, but then, at 30 and either with 1 year left on his contract or with 130k/week wages, who will buy Lampard?

Over the next two years (or more) Chelsea are going to spend a LOT of money on Lampard – money that could be reinvested in the club and give the extra midfield slot to youngsters coming through (not to mention the fact that Chelsea again have a glut of midfielders this summer.

Makelele should go because of his age and the fact that other players are less of a liability than him. But Lampard should go now because Chelsea will never again get a better price on him. The player has peaked in terms of his market price – it’s time to let him go.

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