Should Arsenal cash in on Adebayor?

Earlier on this season I wrote a column highlighting why I thought Emmanuel Adebayor was pivotal to Arsenal’s success and that the doubters had to see sense and appreciate the importance he has to Arsene Wenger’s side.

I admit it. I’ve changed my mind.

I still stand by my opinion that Adebayor has great ability and that his natural style benefits the way the Gunners play but the truth is, to be successful in sport you have to have great desire. And I don’t see very much of that from the Togolese striker these days.

Character is so important. All Arsenal fans have to do is look at the rival strikers they come up against in the Premier League; Torres, Gerrard, Drogba, Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo. They are all world class but they also have world class drive to go with their natural ability.

Adebayor had it when he first joined Arsenal no question. He ran the channels, he chased loose balls, he made things happen. Not anymore. It’s as if the light has gone out for him. The spark has disappeared.

When Wenger needed him most against Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, Adebayor quite frankly disappeared.

It seems to me as if the boy’s head has been turned and if that’s the case then I firmly believe Arsenal should cash in on him, this summer and trade him in for a hungrier model.

His time at the Emirates appears to be nearing an end.

Are you in the Adebayor-stays or Adebayor-goes camp? I’ve switched sides…

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