Santa Cruz ready to ditch mid-table Blackburn for mid-table Manchester City

The international break is a breeding ground for dumb comments by players with little to do. All week we had Carragher talking about one thing or the other, when he would have been starting for England and helping them qualify for South Africa 2010.

And now we have Blackburn striker Roque Santa Cruz ready to jump ship for more money – and he’s pretty clear on his reasons too:

“City is a team with very important financial support.

I am happy at Rovers but I like the idea of playing for a team that will be fighting for important objectives.”

These objectives include, I suppose, finishing in the top-10 at a minimum. Which is probably what Blackburn have set themselves as a minimum target as well, and right now the only difference between City and Blackburn seems to be in ambition – performances on the pitch still suggest that they are relatively equal on the pitch, where it matters the most.

But Santa Cruz isn’t ‘dying’ for a move:

“I will keep on doing what I do at Blackburn but if the coach of Manchester City is interested in me, I would like to join Robinho in that team. He is a wonderful player and I would like to play next to him.”

But would he like to play next to you, Roque, or next to Adriano / Torres / Villa?