Roy Keane: Jack Warner is a clown

Thank you, Mr Keane, for expressing how many football fans feel about Warner in a direct, succinct manner.

Back story: Warner sends a letter to Keane saying:

“Your callous disregard for the rights of ‘small’ countries to have their players represent them as enshrined in Fifa regulations reveals a mean streak in your character.

It is one which will not endear you or Sunderland to such countries and it is a dangerous path to tread.

Such insensitivity and disrespect were again most recently displayed by you having summoned Dwight Yorke to England, rendering him unavailable to face the USA.

Your continuing insensitivity and disrespect for countries such as Trinidad and Tobago are hereby noted.”

Roy Keane’s response:

“The man’s a clown. He’s a clown. He’s worried about these international players – Yorkie’s not been match fit for me for a month or two and he expects him to go and play two games.

He’s making known his interest in the players, but he’s not dropped me a line once yet about Kenwyne Jones.

He got injured playing in a friendly game that Yorkie made a guest appearance at as well during the summer break.

Carlos Edwards is over there. He’s been involved in the two games.

This man who claims to be representing the players sent me a letter under Fifa. He’s supposed to be representing Trinidad – he’s obviously more interested in power and making a name for himself.

He’s a clown.”

Keane might not be winning the argument on logic, but clown sits better than any other c-word….