Cristiano Ronaldo interview: “You all know what I want … In two days …”

Update: Required Reading: Article #1 & Article #2. Thank you.

Guillem Balague interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo in the aftermath of Portugal’s Euro 2008 quarter-final defeat at the hands of Germany. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

Balague has a history of doing really good interviews (e.g. his tete-a-tete with Benitez) and he hasn’t disappointed, with a timely interview covering one of the most talked about stories this summer.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Ronaldo (on the loss to Germany): I didn’t do anything wrong. I did what I had to do but the team made mistakes and that is why we lost.
  • Ronaldo has had a problem with his foot for a few months now, and he’ll have an operation on it after consulting the Manchester United medical staff.
  • When asked why he hasn’t said he wants to stay at United, Ronaldo replied – you know what I want. Also, he says his decision was made before the Champions League final.

This last bit is worth reading in its entirety:

Guillem: Is it a personal problem or sporting problem?

Ronaldo: It is a personal thing. It is something I want, something I dream of.

Guillem: And that your family dreams of too.

Ronaldo: That is true. You all know what I want. I cannot say anything else. In two days you will hear from me.

Guillem: Do you think it is going to be very difficult to get out of United?

Ronaldo: It is always difficult. It is not only one person deciding, it is many people, but it can be a very good thing for everybody.

That just about confirms it for everyone. Kudos to Guillem for snagging Ronaldo at the right time and asking some excellent questions (and squeezing out the answer without asking the question directly). Again, you can read the full transcript of the interview here.

Bonus link: Why Cristiano Ronaldo Can Never Be the Best Player in the World

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