Why Liverpool should be 2 points ahead of Chelsea and why West Ham should have lost by 4 goals…

After the second weekend of the new season, there’s only one Premier League team left with a 100% record, according to the Right Result.

Chelsea miss-out on the chance of joining Liverpool on two wins out of two as Blues keeper Petr Cech’s blatant push on Emmerson Boyce at a first-half corner should have earned Wigan Athletic a penalty and – in conjunction with the RR rules and regulations – an equaliser and fully deserved share of the spoils.

West Ham United’s Lucas Neill was a Right Result regular last season and the Hammers skipper is off to an early start this term.

His attempt to head clear a Manchester City corner with his hands just before the break should have extended the visitors’ misery to a 0-4 defeat.

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If you think the officials got a decision wrong on the weekend, something that would have resulted in a goal or prevented one, let us know in the comments below.


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