Ridiculous Rumours: Real Madrid and Barcelona Sign Ronaldo and Aguero

Well, if reports published on elconfidencial.com are to be trusted, then Spanish champions and European powerhouse Real Madrid have signed Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid.

Or at least, they have reached an agreement. It has emerged that Real and Atletico have agreed on a deal with Real to pay their crosstown rivals a massive 60 million euros, the buy-out clause of the 20-year old Argentine international striker, and that the player shall make the switch in the summer.

Earlier Real were reported to have made a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with Manchester United for the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo and now they seem to have signed the heir apparent of Diego Armando Maradona. And while we’re at it, a few days ago Barcelona were linked in a similar agreement with Atletico Madrid’s star forward.

Toss the whole lot of them in the bin. Neither player’s going anywhere in January. Well done Real though, for stirring up the most imaginative of rumours completely forgetting that both players have stated repeatedly in recent months that they want to stay at Manchester United and Atletico Madrid respectively for longer than an year at least.

Madrid – please stop these dirty tactics and for once be honest and maintain the honour of the biggest and most successful club in the world.