Ranson in £90m Manchester City bid, but will he borrow like everyone else?

Hot off the press:

Former Manchester City full-back Ray Ranson has made a £90m offer to buy the club.

Ranson made the offer for Manchester City on late Monday evening, with Manchester City executives expected to respond within the next 48 hours.

The £90m offer covers the clubs shares as well as their debts, including the loans (around £24m) to John Wardle and David Makin.

It is also said that Manchester City will have around £20m in transfer funds during the summer. Stuart Pearce’s future has not been mentioned at this early stage but both him and Barton will be glad at the signs of investment.

The big question for Manchester City is whether they have the strength to reject a takeover if it’s not in the club’s best interests. They would be especially interested in knowing Ranson’s plans for the manager as well as whether the takeover will plunge the club further into debt (if Ranson has to borrow money to take over Manchester City).

Any takeover talk must be welcome, but is Ranson the right man? And is he the only person looking to invest in Manchester City?