PSG will be back for Adnan Januzaj in the summer

Manchester United Transfer: Match winner Januzaj is not for sale, says Van Gaal

Adnan Januzaj

After an abortive early bid for the player was quickly rebuffed by Manchester United, PSG seem keen to renew their interest in the Old Trafford starlet Adnan Januzaj in the summer, and may seek to tempt David Moyes to part with his prodigious young talent with a mega-bucks offer.

It’s understood that the January offer was pitched at, what must have viewed by United as, only a semi-serious £15million. It was clearly likely to be rejected out of hand. And it was, with chief executive Ed Woodward declaring that the player was simply not for sale. Such a statement however is unlikely to deter PSG, and the next bid will be much more of the order required to elicit serious consideration from United.

Januzaj signed a new deal with United in October that saw his earning rise to a reported £30,000 per week, but the French club are likely to be prepared to more than treble that and make him one of the highest paid teenagers in world football. Despite the rebuff from United, Laurent Blanc, PSG’s manager, believes that a combination of big money and United’s poor performance this season may be sufficient to turn Januzaj’s head and convince him that his career would prosper better in Paris than Manchester.

So, what sort of bid are we talking? Reports in various newspapers indicate somewhere between £30miliion and £40million. Despite the great promise that Januzaj offers, that sort of money still remains an awfully large amount for someone with only half a season of first team football under his belt. Will united be tempted by the offer. I really can’t see that they will. In a season that has been disappointing to say the least, if it concludes with their bright young thing decamping to Paris, the roof may just tumble in on David Moyes’s regime at the club.

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