Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC Demo Download Link

The new Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 demo is out, and we have the download link, initial thoughts by popular reviews, previews and videos.

IGN said that the new PES 2011 “first impressions are heartening, as the front end has been given a thorough scrub-up. It’s still not quite the match for FIFA’s glistening menus, but it has both a charm of its own and, more importantly, an added level of functionality. This is most explicit in the team selection mode, which utilises a drag and drop system that’s so intuitive you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Changing tactics and formations is now simple and fun, and the interminable menu trawl that used to precede every serious minded game of PES has been confined to the past.”

The creators also warn demo testers to play between 10-20 games before they can truly notice the changes from the last version, because apparently there’s a lot under the hood, which doesn’t meet the eye immediately.

Pro Evolution Soccer Demo

Pro Evolution Soccer Demo

While PES 2011 doesn’t come close to Fifa11 in terms of design, especially since Fifa11 has the most advanced Kit and Boot design ever, it could offer an appealing gameplay which can give it the edge both on PC and on consoles.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC Demo Download

You can download the PES 2011 Demo HERE, all over the world. The demo allows you to play single player games with four teams: Barcelona, Chivas, Bayern, and Internacional. This isn’t as many teams as the Fifa11 demo, but it’s fine for testing purposes. You can also play multi-player games as long as they are LAN and not online.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 demos of PES 2011 are available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store. So check that for the demos.

Latest video of gameplay and features for PES 2011:

If you downloaded the demo and tried it out, please do tell us what you think, it’s nice to see the reactions about the new release as I’m sure many of you have been waiting a long time for this release.

Also, where do you play PES, on your PC, Xbox, or PS3?

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