Player gets knocked out…and then his ambulance crashes

    Universidad de Chile striker Juan Manuel Olivera is recovering after he was knocked out during a match and then the ambulance taking him to hospital crashed.

    “It was a tragicomic situation,” team doctor Patrico Delgado told Radio Cooperativa.

    “He was a bit shocked at first but he has taken it all with a dose of humour. He will have to rest for around a week and after that he can start training again.”

    The Uruguayan striker’s misfortune began when he was knocked unconscious after a clash with rival goalkeeper Jorge Rivera in Thursday’s game away to O’Higgins in Rancagua.

    Olivera, who has averaged nearly a goal a game this season for the Chilean champions, was taken to a nearby clinic for an exam, regaining consciousness on the way.

    Doctors said the results of the exams were good but ordered him to be transferred to a Santiago hospital and spend the night there as a precaution.

    But during the journey his ambulance was involved in a collision with another vehicle.

    Media reports said nobody was hurt but Olivera had to wait around two hours for a substitute ambulance which was delayed by rush-hour traffic.