PHOTO: Grim Reaper keeps an eye on David Moyes at Old Trafford

Having guided Manchester United through to the last eight of the Champions League last night, beleaguered boss David Moyes may not only have bought himself a little breathing space in the hot-seat, but also staved away the clutches of death for another week!


One slightly over-zealous United fan was snapped in full Grim Reaper outfit in the 3-0 Champions League win last night, and was reportedly shouting, ‘I’m coming for you!’

A chilling photo, we at Soccerlens cannot fathom how small the Reaper’s wrist and forearm is, which makes the whole picture that bit more sinister. A United fan in Reaper dress, or the revelation that Death is a United fan?

Considering the domestic campaign endured by the club this season, perhaps he is a fan, and can’t wait to meet his hero David Moyes, face to face!

Indeed, an army of United fans have taken to Twitter after the match to continuously voice their displeasure at the tenure of Moyes, so the theatrical fan is not alone in his protest.

What do you think? Fickle United fan, or does he have a point? Let me know in the comments below…