Petr Cech undergoes surgery after training ground incident

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech (as if you didn’t know who he played for, hah) had facial re-constructive surgery (fancy term for fixing a broken jaw, I bet) on Sunday after, according to official reports, a training ground collision with another player.

The memory of Petr Cech being put into the hospital needing emergency medical attention hasn’t faded away – how could it with Cech’s ‘protective gear’ wrapped around his head – and my first thought goes to Cech and his family. While there’s no reason to be too worried, let’s hope for his sake that he’s completely fine and hasn’t rattled anything too badly in his head.

Now on to the reasons given – training ground collision is a perfectly acceptable reason to have a cut lip and chin, but then again so is a well-aimed punch to your face. Training ground arguments are more common than we hear about, so while the collision theory is most probable cause, a spat that went too far is also possible.

For Cheslea, Cudicini is an able deputy although not as dominant in his area as Cech is, so they’ll be hoping to have him back in action as soon as possible. Without knowing more about his exact condition, it’s hard to say if it will be soon enough to have a say in the title race.

Good luck Mr Cech.