Peace breaks out between Moyes and Mourinho

David Moyes

Disputes between mangers ahead of big games are notihng new. Call it ‘mind games.’ Call it psychology. Sometimes though it can all get a bit boring. it’s a pleasant surprise then to see peace breaking out between Jose Mourinho and David Moyes.

After Mourninho made his customary comment regarding a potential bid for Rooney in the summer, it was also reported that he had commented that there was trouble behind the scenes at Old Trafford. If it was targeted at unsettling Moyes, the effort soon petered out. Mourinho quickly let it be known that he accepted that United were not going to sell the player to him, or any other Premier League club, although he did say he still thoguht it possible that a move abroad was not beyond the question.

Moyes also let it be known that he had received an aplogy fom Chelsea’s media department and “from Jose” about the report of trouble behind the scenes. The Scot appeared happy to put it down to “sloppy jounalsm” rsther than a particular slight by the Portuguese. Although it does seem a bit strange for an aplogy to be issued by Chelsea for a njournalistic misdemeanour.

Having a bit of maturity between the managers is no bad thing. Fanes shouldn’t be too worried however, come kick-off time this will be no ‘love in’ and hostilies will be resumed as usual.