Paul The Octopus dies…can we get back to the football please?

    “Paul” the Octopus is dead. If you, like me, were watching the World Cup with all the dread and disinterest of a Manchester United / England fan (there really was nothing for us to see last summer, barring Chicarito), the octopus business was one of the more annoying facets of the World Cup watching experience.

    World Cup predictions? Please. The octopus is credited with ‘correctly’ predicting all of Germany’s results plus the final winner. At best, the octopus was just indicating it’s preference for what it wanted to eat at that time.

    The octopus is now being kept in cold storage until the centre that housed him decides what to do with it (whatever brings in the most PR / money, it would seem). A nationally televised burial? Sent off into space? Scientific research? Bought by obscure royalty as a ‘delicacy’ that enhances predictive powers? The opportunities are endless.

    The good thing out of all of this – we can now get back to the football. Maybe with a stopover at Dubai though, I hear all the cool kids go there to make up with the wives they’ve cheated on.

    Oh right, football…