On Beckham training with Arsenal – a Manchester United fan’s view

I got the news the other morning when I turned on my computer and checked The Sun website for some fun articles. And there he was. Beckham in a black or navy sweatshirt with ‘Fly Emirates’ written all across it in golden letters.

Surely that was have the work of a journalist who played with photos to make some kind of sinister joke, but, in the background, jumping with joy, was none other than that insufferable little prick, Fabregas.

Then, the words caught my attention, “It’s Fab! Becks joins Arsenal.” Disaster! How could he? The prick is the reason I became a Manchester United fan in the first place. He is like a hero to me; when I was a little kid I wanted to become just like him, and now he joins that club. The one club which I cannot stand.

I understand that he is not about to turn out for the Arsenal and that he is just keeping fit in a bid to gain his well deserved 100th cap, but still… how could he!?

On top of that Wenger comes out and say that Becks “has always loved Arsenal.” Okay, I must realize that this is The Sun talking, but it still pains me very much. After all how much can he love Arsenal? He was a Tottenham trainee and came very, very close to becoming a Manchester United legend.

But, um… am I going crazy or is it really a calamity that he will be on friendly terms with the likes of Arsene and Persie for the next month or so? I do not think many Manchester United fans were pleased when they found out about it.

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