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Best NZ Betting Sites January 2022 – Claim Your Free Bet Today



There are many fantastic betting sites in New Zealand offering different services. Here we are going to take a look at the very best of them, explain what makes them stand out and offer such a good service, describe the welcome bonuses on offer and how to sign up as a new player.

The Best NZ Betting Sites List

Below, we have our list of betting sites that stand out as the best NZ betting sites currently available. We also explain what makes them stand out for us as some of the best.

  • Bet365 – The best betting site for New Zealand with solid bonuses and excellent odds
  • BetOnline – The best betting site for live betting & streaming in New Zealand
  • 20Bet – Our pick for crypto betting in New Zealand
  • 1XBet – A great, easy to use website that is perfect for new players
  • Conquestador – Wide range of sports markets with competitive odds
  • Shangri La – One of the top NZ betting sites for cricket and rugby betting
  • Betpat – Strong betting markets, especially for football, on this betting site
  • Betiton – Wide range of events and a big focus on live sports betting
  • 22bet – One of the betting sites with coverage from all over the world
  • Funbet – Great promotions and bonuses for all players

Best Betting Sites New Zealand Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 betting sites in New Zealand.

1. Bet365 – The best betting site for New Zealand with solid bonuses and excellent odds

bet365 n

Bet365 is our #1-recommended betting site for New Zealanders. This sportsbook does almost everything well. You’ll find a whopping 42 markets to bet on, including global rugby, football, and horse races. You can also wager on American football and niche sports like skiing and volleyball.

Bet365 has a great platform for live betting that makes it easy to see what games are on now and even simpler to follow the action. Many football games can be streamed right from the platform, so your bet slip is never more than a click away. On top of that, Bet365 offers in-game prop bets for many big matches.

With all these features, it’s no surprise that Bet365 has established itself as one of the largest betting sites in the world. That in itself is an advantage, too – Bet365 is highly reputable and has decades of experience in keeping players safe and happy. When you bet with Bet365, you can feel confident that you’ll be paid out when you win.

New punters at Bet365 can bag a generous $100 welcome bonus, and there are no shortage of other exciting promos up for grabs once you sign up.

Not only is Bet365 the number one NZ betting site, but it’s also one of the best online casinos in New Zealand.

Bet365 Pros

  • Bet across 42 different sports
  • Live in-game betting and streaming
  • Highly reputable sportsbook with global platform
  • Fast, reliable payouts

Bet365 Cons

  • Doesn’t accept crypto or most e-wallets
  • Small $100 welcome bonus

2. BetOnline – The best betting site for live betting & streaming in New Zealand

betonline sportsbook nz

BetOnline is another great choice for sports betting in New Zealand, especially if you want to wager on live rugby and football games. That’s because BetOnline offers live streaming for most big games and makes a huge selection of prop bets available as play unfolds. You can easily stay on top of the action and score live odds that are among the best in the industry.

BetOnline is also one of our favorite betting sites in New Zealand for placing multi-line wagers. The sportsbook takes parlays, teasers, and if bets, and there’s a helpful bet builder so you can see how each line you add affects your potential payout. Just note that there’s no parlay insurance at BetOnline.

BetOnline offers a generous 50% deposit match up to $1,000 for new players with promo code BOL1000. Returning bettors get a 25% reload bonus up to $250 with every subsequent deposit, and you can earn an extra 10% when you fund your account with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Ripple.

BetOnline Pros

  • Live betting and streaming for rugby and football
  • Accepts parlays, teasers, and if bets
  • $1,000 welcome bonus and $250 reload bonuses
  • Accepts BTC, BHC, XRP, LTC, and ETH

BetOnline Cons

  • Only 20 sports markets available
  • No parlay insurance option

3. 20Bet – Our pick for crypto betting in New Zealand 20Bet Sportsbook

We think 20Bet is the top sportsbook for betting with crypto in New Zealand. At this sportsbook, crypto enthusiasts can deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and new players can claim a $100 welcome bonus. On top of that, 20Bet offers a sports reload bonus worth up to $100 every Saturday and up to $1,000 in free bets based on how much you wager every week.

20Bet is easy to use and its interface makes betting fun. You can easily monitor live games, and an interactive display shows when points are scored in any of dozens of ongoing games. The platform also offers live streaming for most rugby and football matches. 20Bet’s live odds are good, but they’re not quite as favorable to bettors as those from Bet365 or BetOnline.

If you want to bet on upcoming games, you can search for a specific team, browse games by league, or check out lists of the most popular matches among bettors. 20Bet also supports weekly betting tournaments with cash prizes up to $8,000. For betting on the go, 20Bet offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s very easy to use and lets you bet with just a few taps.

20Bet Pros

  • Live betting and streaming for rugby and football
  • Accepts parlays, teasers, and if bets
  • $1,000 welcome bonus and $250 reload bonuses
  • Accepts BTC, BHC, XRP, LTC, and ETH

20Bet Cons

  • Only 20 sports markets available
  • No parlay insurance option

4. 1XBet – A great, easy to use website perfect for new players

1XBet Sportsbook

1XBet is a great option for new bettors in New Zealand. This sportsbook is incredibly easy to use while still offering wagers on more than 30 sports markets. Odds are clearly laid out for every match and we like that you can add bets to your bet slip with just a click. A straightforward bet builder makes it simple to create parlays and teasers with bigger payouts.

Perhaps the best thing about 1XBet is that it offers statistics for every matchup and prop bet. You can use this data to figure out what bets are likely to pay off, and which are improbable based on how a team or player has performed in the past. You can also favorite and pin upcoming matchups in case you want to mull them over before placing a bet.

1XBet also offers a mobile betting app so you can bet seamlessly on the go. It’s just as easy to use as the web platform and supports everything from statistics to live streaming.

New players at 1XBet can claim a 100% welcome bonus worth up to $170. You’ll also qualify for a $170 reload bonus when you make a deposit on Fridays.

1XBet Pros

  • Very intuitive platform
  • Bet builder for parlays and teasers
  • Offers statistics for most matchups
  • Supports live streaming on mobile

1XBet Cons

  • Limited welcome bonus offer
  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency

5. Conquestador – Wide range of sports markets with competitive odds

Conquestador Sportsbook

Conquestador has put together an excellent sports betting platform, and the central part of their service is all about the deal they have on offer for players. This comes via two methods – the first is the excellent bonuses and promotions they offer, and the second is the incredible odds you can claim from them across various sports.

On top of this, look out for great choices with the markets and sports on offer – there are things you can bet on here that are not available with some other betting sites. So if you want to dive deep and find niche sports to bet on, this is the sportsbook where you will find those and why we see this as the best sports betting site available to players in New Zealand.

Those signing up can claim the welcome bonus from Conquestador. This is a little complex, with matched deposits spread across your first five deposits, totalling a bonus of up to $1000 for new players, with a $10 free bet attached too. No promo code is needed, but there are minimum required odds of 1.50 on the free bet.

Conquestador Pros

  • Get up to $1000 as a welcome bonus, plus a $10 free bet
  • Excellent bonuses for existing customers to claim
  • Great betting odds, highly competitive
  • Large sportsbook, with betting options you won’t find elsewhere

Conquestador Cons

  • The welcome bonus is a little complex

Best Sports Betting Sites New Zealand Comparison

It is essential to compare the market when you are looking for NZ betting sites, to see how each of the services compare against each other. Betting sites offer minor differences between each other, but if they favour you, they could be the difference between signing up and not.

Below are comparisons of the sports on offer, bonuses and payment methods with the best betting sites.

Betting Site

Sports Bonus Offer

Payment Methods

Bet365 42 100% up to $100 Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
BetOnline 20 100% up to $1,000 Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
Bitcoin Cash
20Bet 30+ 100% up to $100 Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
1XBet 30+ 100% up to $170 Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
Conquestador 30+ Matched deposits up to $2,500 plus $10 free bet Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
Much Better
Shangri La 20+ 100% up to $100 Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
Betpat 20+ $10 risk free bet Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
Betiton 30+ Bet $15 Get $10 Credit/debit card/Bank transfer
Much Better
22Bet 20+ 100% up to $250 Credit/debit card/Bank transfers
Much Better
Funbet 20+ 50% up to $50 Credit/debit card/Paysafecard
Fast bank transfer
Bank wire

How We Select the Best New Zealand Betting Sites

We have explained which betting sites are the best in our opinion, but it is also essential for us to explain why they are the best. We look at numerous features when selecting the best sports betting sites, and here is a look at the essential elements for us.

Licensing & Security

It is vital to find betting sites with suitable licenses that show they offer secure and safe betting. This ensures you can have as much fun as possible, any doubts about your safety and the same fun. This is one of the many reasons we love Bet365 – they are known for putting player safety at the top of their agenda.

Number of Betting Markets

Having a choice when you are betting is key. Yes, there will be some people who prefer the same market every time or those who have their favourites, but overall, you should always look for a choice with betting markets – you never know what will happen in the future.

Free Bets & Promos

Finding the best betting sites with free bets and promotions is always essential. So not only do we focus on sites with big welcome bonuses, but we look for existing customer offers too, which allow you to keep getting a good deal from your site. Sites such as BetOnline and Conquestador have an excellent reputation for these.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting markets allow you to bet during play on the biggest games, and it is a growing area of betting. We want to see strong live betting areas, with streaming available if possible, to enhance the player experience further.

Payment Methods

Payment methods should be plentiful on the site, allowing all different types of players to access something they are familiar with. The process should also be strong – we want to see betting sites offer card payments, e-wallets, pre-paid cards and even cryptocurrency to their players.

Mobile Betting

Just like live betting, mobile betting has also come to the fore, with a significant number of services offering strong mobile betting to their players. The best betting site will allow you to access their service via a mobile, such as 20Bet, 1XBet, and Conquestador do, so you can place your bets when it suits you.

Customer Service

NZ betting sites need to offer customer support to players. The two crucial elements to look for here are the opening times, try and find one that is 24 hours, and the contact methods – you want something readily available and more than one way to get in touch.

Are Online Betting Sites Legal in New Zealand?

Like neighbouring Australia, New Zealand’s gambling laws are strict and complex. So the simple answer is yes, betting sites are legal in New Zealand. However, to further that, these sites need to be based outside of New Zealand.

The 2003 New Zealand gambling act stopped new NZ betting sites from taking out a license – however, they did allow those already holding a license to continue, of which there is one, called TAB.

So yes, it is legal to bet in New Zealand, but other than TAB, the only options for you are the worldwide betting sites that have their premises elsewhere but do accept New Zealand players on their service.

What Sports Can You Bet on Online?

You can bet on almost anything online – such is the size of the service on offer with the biggest and best sportsbooks. The sports on offer are excellent, from finding the best betting sites for football to cricket, horse racing, rugby, UFC, and more.

Signing up for sports betting with one of the top providers should give you 20+, sometimes even 30+ sports to bet on, more than enough to keep players happy.

How Betting Odds Work

Betting odds are what determines the returns you will have on a bet – the bigger the odds, the bigger your returns. So you must shop around, get a good deal and pick up the best possible odds. There are three formats for odds, decimal, the most commonly used in New Zealand – fractional and American, which are not used by many people.

Most online betting sites will have decimal odds listed by default, so whether you will use this type of format or not, it is always worth knowing what they mean if you want to check something out quickly.

Finding the best odds is all about going out and researching. To get the best, you need to know how odds work, how to read them, compare them, and then decide based on that.

Here is a look at how to read each odds type.

  • Decimal odds – These show the amount you will receive back for $1 staked, including the stake you have placed on the bet. For example, odds of 4.00 mean $1 on and $4 back, including stake.
  • Fractional – These are slightly different, with the profit being the first number of the fraction and your stake being the last number. For example, 6/1 means $6 profit back for your $1 stake, so $1 at 6/1 gives $7 total back.
  • American – The number listed on American odds is your profit from a $100 bet if there is a + at the front of it. For example, +200 odds mean $100 stakes, profit of $200, which is a total return of $300.

Best Betting Sites with Free Bets

The best betting sites will give customers a bonus – this can be as a new player when they start or as an existing customer – if you are with the right sports betting site, you will receive these regularly. Below are the types of offers you can expect to see online.

Free Bets

With betting sites free bets, you can place a free wager without risk on a selection of your choice. This enhances your sports betting, giving you a chance to win further betting funds by using your free bet token to pay for the wager rather than your own money.

Risk-Free Bets

A risk-free bet works slightly differently but is still a great option. The risk is eliminated here, so you place the bet and pay for it yourself. If the bet wins, you win, but if it loses, you will have your stake refunded by the bookmaker, so there is no risk that you will lose with this wager.

Matched Deposits

Matched deposits are the most common type of free bet you will see online. The best betting sites give these based on a deposit into your account – matched by a percentage to provide you with your bonus. Look for 100% matched deposit bonuses, as these sports betting websites will match whatever you put in your account up to a fixed amount.

No Deposit Free Bets

Getting a free bet with no deposit is possible, which gives you a completely free shot to experience a website and try to win a bet. Betting sites with free bet no deposit are not too familiar, but if you look closely, you should be able to find a small number of these offers.

Free Bet Terms & Conditions

One of the essential aspects of claiming the best betting offers is knowing and understanding the terms and conditions. Look out for minimum odds requirements, wagering requirements, minimum and maximum deposits, expiry dates, maximum winnings allowed, and other vital terms and conditions to fully understand what you are doing and what you are claiming when you get the offer.

Best NZ Betting Apps

With NZ betting sites, you can also download a betting app and take your betting on the go with you. This means as long as you have your phone and a connection to the internet, you can place any bets you like.

With mobile betting rising considerably, having a mobile app is vital if an operator wants to be the best betting site. Bet365, BetOnline, and Conquestador have great apps available to download, especially important if you value mobile betting and want to use the best betting sites on your mobile.

New Betting Sites New Zealand

Some of the best betting sites are also new to the market, hitting the ground running by making a splash and offering a top-quality service from the start. New betting sites are critical to the industry, as they come in and try to stand out, which forces everyone to up their quality.

Some new betting sites have made our list, and the best of those is Funbet, a site that was only founded in 2020. However, they have quickly emerged as one of the top sports betting sites, and where they go next is going to be exciting to watch.

Live Betting & Streaming at NZ Bookies

Live betting is incredibly exciting and a part of the best betting sites’ service. This lets you place bets during play while sports betting online, rather than just before the game. Some of the best bookmakers also offer live streaming of events from their live betting page so that you can watch the event and the odds change on the same screen.

Many betting sites have excellent live betting options, and the best for us when it comes to this are Bet365 and BetOnline. These all offer powerful opportunities for live betting, good odds, great markets and constant up to date changes.

How to Start Betting in New Zealand – Step by Step Guide

If you want to get started with one of the betting sites listed, then the good news is that this is a straightforward process. Here we will explain how you do this, using Bet365 as the example to show how you sign up and get started with sports betting.

Step 1: Join Bet365

The first step is to head over to the Bet365 website and create a new account. Click ‘Join’ and then fill in your name, email, address, phone number, and a password for your betting account.Bet365 Open Account

Step 2: Verify Your Account

Bet365 requires you to verify your account before you can withdraw funds, so it’s good to get this out of the way now. In most cases, you simply have to verify your email account or phone number.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Before you can start betting, you need to make your first deposit at Bet365. The sportsbook accepts Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers, Paysafecard, and POLi. Remember that the sportsbook will match your first deposit up to $100, so it’s a good idea to deposit at least that amount.Bet365 Make a Deposit

Step 4: Start Betting

Now you’re ready to start betting with Bet365. Head to the sportsbook lobby to see a list of live games, or browse through the full list of upcoming events to find a bet you want to take. When you find odds you like, simply click on them to add them to your bet slip. Enter the amount you want to wager, then click ‘Place Bets.’Betting with Bet365


There are many great NZ betting sites to choose from for those looking for somewhere to play. These are mainly located outside of New Zealand but offer safe and legal sports betting to NZ citizens.

The best of these looks to be the sports betting platform that Bet365 has put together. Bet365 offers a huge range of sports markets, a seamless online betting system, and highly competitive odds. Plus, new players can claim a $100 welcome bonus when you sign up today!


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