No place in football for gays?

    Juve’s managing director Luciano Moggi seems to think so:

    “There are no gays in football, I don’t know if players are against having them in their team but I definitely am.

    In the teams where I worked there were never any. I never wanted to have a homosexual player and I still wouldn’t sign one.

    I’m old school but I know the ambience of football and a gay wouldn’t be able to survive within it.

    A homosexual cannot do the job of a footballer. The football world is not designed for them, it’s a special atmosphere, one in which you stand naked under the showers.”

    Apart from his dislike (or dare I say, mistrust?) of our chin-guard wearing brethren, I think Moggi’s got it the other way around. It’s a bit like saying that bars are not designed for alcoholics because it’s a special atmosphere, one in which alcohol is displayed right in front of them.

    As David James once wrote, football has it’s proportion (if not more or less) of the gay male population, so even if 1 in 20 footballers likes to get tickled, that’s one in every club (2 if you’ve got bigger squads, 4-5 if you add the coaching staff and the youth teams).

    Like Moggi, you might not like it, but that’s the reality and getting your head out of your…the sand as quickly as possible is a smart idea, even for a ‘traditionalist’ like Moggi.

    I tried to keep the puns to a minimum but when you starting thinking that ‘bigger squads’ sounds fishy, you know it’s an impossible task.