No 140k deal for Owen, no move for Saviola, Milner stays

The rumour (‘insider exclusive’) that Newcastle have offered Michael Owen a 140k/week deal is ridiculous.

A club that’s been making noises about tightening up financially, a club that’s not at the level of certain other bigger clubs in terms of cash flow, is not going to offer that big a deal to a player who has spent more time on the doctor’s table than on the pitch. Owen is worth a lot when fit and I’m sure that Keegan will want to hold on to him for the next season and beyond and try to get him fit and hopefully sign a new contract, but it’s doubtful that United will offer him a contract that surpasses the wages of the top earners at Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and possibly Chelsea.

What’s more likely to happen? Newcastle will give Owen a new contract on the same terms as before and add a ‘get-out’ clause which will be high enough so that clubs will only consider it if he’s injury-free and banging in goals all season (otherwise I doubt that any other club will pay him 100k/week to play doctor). Walking away on a free is always a possibility but surely Owen has more class than that, especially after what the club have done for him in terms of looking after him?

In other news – no move for Saviola (it’s an old rumour that keeps popping up every summer, a bit like the Xavi rumour) and Keegan won’t let Milner go to Villa (again an old rumour that’s been going on for a couple of summers).

And congratulations to Coloccini and Gutierrez for a smashing start to the season. Rock on.