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Best NFTs to Buy Right Now – Top 10 List of NFT Projects

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Those wishing to invest in the non-fungible token (NFT) space will be gaining exposure to a trending market. The key difficulty, however, is knowing how to choose the best NFT to buy, not least because there are tens of thousands of collections currently in circulation.

This guide aims to clear the mist by analyzing and ranking the 10 best NFT projects in the market today.

List of the Best NFTs to Buy in 2022 – Top 10 NFT Projects 

Below is a summarized list of the best NFT projects to consider buying right now:

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best NFT Project to Buy Right Now
  2. Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Meme Coin
  3. Prime Ape Planet PAP – Cheap NFT for First-Time Investors
  4. Mutant Ape Yacht Club – High-Value NFT for Serious Investors
  5. Dabi – Enter the NFT Market With Just $2
  6. Rave Pigs – Music-Based NFT From the Berlin Rave Scene
  7. KILLABEARS – KILLABEARS – Music-Based NFT From the Berlin Rave Scene
  8. Playboy Rabbitars Official – Popular NFT Series With More Than 5,200+ Holders
  9. Secret Society of Whales – Low-Cost NFT for Portfolio Diversification
  10. NFTrees – NFT Game With Ecological Objectives
  11. Meebits – Trending NFT Collection

Full Analysis of the Best NFT Tokens to Buy in 2022

This section of our guide will discuss the best NFTs to flip in the market today.

Readers are advised to read through each of our NFT reviews to help decide on the best project to gain exposure to.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best NFT Project to Buy Right Now

Battle Infinity gets the number one spot as the overall best NFT to buy today. Unlike the vast majority of NFT projects in this space, Battle Infinity is more than just a collection of artwork. On the contrary, Battle Infinity is an ecosystem that allows users to play fantasy sports in a metaverse world.

The main concept for users is to choose a team of players from a particular sport – such as football or cricket, with the view of accumulating points. The number of points obtained by the user will depend on how their team of players performed in real-world games. In turn, the more points earned will translate into rewards via the native token of Battle Infinity – IBAT.

Moreover, all aspects of the Battle Infinity in-game ecosystem are represented by NFTs. This means players are rewarded for the items they win. After all, Battle Infinity NFTs can be bought and sold via an online marketplace. In addition to its fantasy sports game, metaverse, and NFTs, Battle Infinity is also building a decentralized exchange – or DEX.

Battle Infinity - Overall Best NFT Project to Buy Right Now

This DEX will enable users to buy and sell IBAT tokens. In other words, after winning IBAT tokens in the fantasy sports game, users have the ability to trade their rewards for other digital assets – such as BNB. At this moment in time, Battle Infinity and its underlying IBAT token are currently in their presale phase.

This means that users that wish to invest in the broader Battle Infinity project can do so at the best price possible. The minimum investment required is just 0.1 BNB, and presale traders are capped to a maximum injection of 500 BNB. Once the presale launch has reached its hardcap, the IBAT token will be sold to the public at a higher price.

For more information about the Battle Infinity project, readers are urged to read the whitepaper. It is also wise to join the Battle Infinity Telegram group to connect with other like-minded investors as well as the admin team for any questions that remain unanswered.

2. Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Meme Coin

One of the newest meme coins Tamadoge is currently on presale until early September. The price is expected to rise at least 25% after initial investors declare their bought coins.

The whitepaper on the Tamadoge homepage presents the digital coin as the “play-to-earn Dogecoin”. TAMA combines the mass appeal of meme tokens like SHIB and DOGE with the rising popularity of the P2E crypto format.

Top NFT Projects Tamadoge

Gamers will be able to mint Tamadoge pet NFTs, then breed and battle for rewards and top spots on a monthly leaderboard.

A Tamadoge battle app is slated to launch soon after the presale ends. Later phases in the roadmap include metaverse integration, as well as augmented reality and move to earn features.

3. Prime Ape Planet PAP  – Cheap NFT for First-Time Investors 

First-time NFT investors should tread with caution when entering this highly volatile and speculative market. And as such, we found that Prime Ape Planet is one of the best cheap NFTs to consider today as a beginner.

The overarching reason for this is that as of writing, Prime Ape Planet PAP NFTs are trading on OpenSea at a floor price of just 0.22 ETH. This means for the equivalent of just $240-ish, beginners can buy their first NFT without breaking the bank. This NFT collection, which is based on an ape theme, contains 7,979 designs.

Prime Ape Planet PAP

While some designs might look similar, each is unique from the next. This is because each Prime Ape Planet PAP NFT carries a variety of core attributes, such as whether or not it wears glasses and/or headwear.

4. Mutant Ape Yacht Club – High-Value NFT for Serious Investors 

Next up on our list of the best NFTs to buy is the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection. This project has taken an innovative approach to minting, insofar that each token is a direct merge of two alternative NFTs.

That is to say, by merging an existing Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT with a viral of Mutant Serum, the outcome is a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. While this NFT collection is one of the most popular series in this marketplace in terms of trading volume, it is also one of the most expensive.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

As of writing, even in the midst of a broader market downturn, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT collection is carrying a floor price of almost 20 ETH. This translates into a cost price of over $20,000 based on current ETH/USD rates.  As such, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club is perhaps the best NFT to buy for serious investors.

If you’re looking for cheaper, more entry-level NFT collections, see our new NFT projects guide.

5. Dabi – Enter the NFT Market With Just $2 

Those with an interest in NFTs that do not wish to risk large amounts of capital might want to consider Dabi. In a nutshell, this NFT collection – which is built on top of the Solana blockchain, is trading at just 0.06 SOL.

In turn, this means that budget-conscious investors can enter the NFT market with the equivalent of just $2. This is a far cry from the $20,000+ required to buy a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT.

Dabi NFT

In terms of the design, Dabi NFTs are based around a fictional child character. There are 4,444 NFTs in this collection and as of writing, the project has secured over 540 individual owners.

6. Rave Pigs – Music-Based NFT From the Berlin Rave Scene  

Rave Pigs takes a different approach from the other NFTs that we have discussed thus far. In fact, this is an audio-visual NFT collection. This means that each NFT not only contains flashing lights in a visual manner but a unique soundtrack.

Each soundtrack was created by Boys Noize. The underlying theme is based on the underground rave scene in Berlin. There are in total 6,666 NFTs in this series. Of this figure, 2,800+ NFTs have already been sold.

Rave Pigs NFTs

As of writing. the floor price on this NFT collection amounts to just 0.005 ETH. As such, beginners can buy a Raves Pigs NFT for the equivalent of just $5. To date, more than $140,000 worth of NFTs have been traded from this collection.

7. KILLABEARS – Music-Based NFT From the Berlin Rave Scene  

KILLABEARS is a popular NFT series that allows users to buy unique artwork with a cartoon-like bear theme. There are 3,333 NFTs within this collection and each comes in the form of a visualization.

There are many different attributes that KILLABEARS NFTs can come with, especially in the clothing department. This includes variations of t-shirts, ties, dresses, turtlenecks, and more.

Screenshot 2022 07 12 at 12.41.53

In terms of pricing, as of writing, OpenSea has the KILLABEARS NFTs listed with a floor price of 1.45 ETH or about $1,500. Another reason why KILLABEARS is one of the best NFTs to buy is that it comes with various perks, such as giveaways, raffles, and event invites.

8. Playboy Rabbitars Official – Popular NFT Series With More Than 5,200+ Holders 

Playboy Rabbitars Official is an NFT collection that consists of 12,000 unique designs. To date, 5,200+ have been sold to individual owners. There are more than 175 traits within this series, some of which are super-rare. Naturally, the rarer the traits, the more the NFTs are selling for.

With that said, Playboy Rabbitars Official NFTs, as of writing, are trading at a floor price of just 0.19 ETH. This amounts to just over $200. By owning a Playboy Rabbitars Official NFT, holders will have access to a number of perks.

Playboy Rabbitars Official NFT

This includes free access to iPlayboy as well as metaverse experiences and new content. NFT holders will also have access to the MetaMansion, which will be accessible via the Sandbox ecosystem.

9. Secret Society of Whales – Low-Cost NFT for Portfolio Diversification  

Another option to consider for those in the market for the best NFT to invest in on the cheap is the Secret Society of Whales. As the name suggests, this NFT collection is based on a series of cartoon-like whales – each of which can be differentiated by numerous traits.

This includes everything from headwear and clothing to eyes and fins. Those looking to invest in NFTs on a budget will be pleased to know that the Secret Society of Whales NFTs can be purchased from just 0.05 ETH on OpenSea.

Secret Society of Whales NFTs

In total, there are 10,000 NFTs in this collection. According to data at the time of writing, more than 3,800 Secret Society of Whales NFTs have been sold.

10. NFTrees – NFT Game With Ecological Objectives 

NFTrees is a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem with a focus on the environment. The project is in conjunction with an environmental objective that aims to combine ecology with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain.

The NFT series itself is based on a collection of artwork that translates into pixilated trees. Each tree comes with certain attributes and traits, with variations including the trunk, leaves, background, and more.


In total, the original NFTrees collection consisted of just 420 tokens. However, interestingly, each NFT can be used in the Treeverse game, which can then grow fruit. Any fruit that is produced can subsequently be sold to players of the Treeverse game.

11. Meebits – Trending NFT Collection 

The final project to consider from our list of the best NFTs to buy is Meebits. Unlike many of the NFTs discussed, Meetbits is perhaps best suited for those that are looking to invest larger amounts.

The reason for this is that as of writing, the project carries a floor price of 5.85 ETH on OpenSea. As of current prices, this amounts to approximately $6,300. With that being said, the Meebits collection is trending on OpenSea, which means that it has exposure to a significant number of potential buyers.

Screenshot 2022 07 12 at 13.23.57

Each Meetbits NFT comes in the form of a pixilated character. The creators note that each individual design was generated via an algorithm. There are 20,000 NFTs in this collection and OpenSea notes that more than 6,600 have been sold to date.

Choosing the Best NFTs to Invest in – What to Consider

In the sections above, we analyzed and ranked the 10 best NFTs to buy right now. However, this list was curated based on our own subjective viewpoints.

And, therefore, investors should instead consider doing their own research when attempting to find the best NFT crypto to buy.

With this in mind, the sections below discuss the main considerations to make when researching NFT investments.

Market Trends

The current and future value of an NFT is completely subjective to the buyer. In other words, investors will only be able to sell an NFT for a price that somebody else is willing to pay.

This means that investors will need to have a solid understanding of current NFT market trends. This will help investors – especially beginners, determine which NFTs to focus on when performing research.

Once a trend has been identified, the investor can then explore individual NFT projects.


It is all good and well finding a trending NFT collection that has the potential to make money. However, some of the best NFT investments might be out of reach in terms of the floor price.

For those unaware, the floor price refers to the minimum amount of money needed to invest in a specific NFT series. This will always vary depending on the collection, the specific NFT within the series, and the individual buyers.

Nonetheless, before wasting time on comprehensive analysis, the investor should assess whether or not the NFT is affordable.

Total Supply

When creators mint an NFT series, it usually comes with a fixed number of individual designs. This means that no more NFTs can enter circulation once the series has been minted.

In many ways, it might be best to focus on an NFT series that comes with a modest supply. In doing so, there will be fewer variations in the market, and thus – this will give the token holder a greater chance of seeing a return on their capital.

Unique Properties 

Another important metric to consider when searching for the best NFT to buy is whether or not ownership comes with unique properties.

This is especially the case when investing in music NFTs, as the respective soundtrack will likely have been designed exclusively for the token holder.

This means that nobody else can recreate the soundtrack without the owner providing authorization. In-game NFTs are also unique, as they give players access to certain privileges.


Investors should also explore whether or not the NFT comes with actual utility.

This refers to use cases that give the NFT additional value. For example, some projects offer regular giveaways and prize draws to those holding an NFT.

Trading Volume  

With also many projects in this space, knowing how to find the best NFT to buy from an investment perspective can be challenging.

However, one of the best ways to create a shortlist of potential investments is to assess which NFTs are attracting above-average trading volumes.

OpenSea, which is often described as the best place to buy NFTs, offers handy filters that allow traders to view this information at the click of a button.

The main concept here is that NFT projects with high trading volumes are clearly popular and thus – sellers will often have no issues finding a buyer.

Native Token  

The best NFT projects that we discussed today have an in-house token that fuels the wider ecosystem. Oftentimes, these tokens trade on major exchanges and thus – can be swapped for other digital assets.

For example, we like that Battle Infinity not only offers in-game NFTs, but a unique token – IBAT. This token can be obtained by completing certain tasks within the Battle Infinity game, which centers on fantasy sports.

This means that users are incentivized to play the game, as they stand the chance to win IBAT. In addition to this, Battle Infinity is also home to a DEX, which means that users can easily sell their IBAT holdings without needing to use a third-party exchange.

How to Buy the Best NFT Tokens in Less Than 10 Minutes  

Once a suitable NFT project has been identified, the next step is to complete the process. The vast majority of NFT investments are carried out via a crypto wallet.

This means that the user will not only need to have a wallet set up but a suitable amount of crypto tokens to pay for the purchase.

Below, we explain the step-by-step process involved – and we use Battle Infinity as our prime example.

Step 1 – Get a Crypto Wallet  

Before an NFT investment can be made, the user will need to set up a crypto wallet. Both beginners and experienced traders will likely find that MetaMask is the best wallet for NFTs.

This is a user-friendly, but highly secure crypto wallet that supports a wide range of networks. As it comes via a browser extension, this makes it a lot more simple to complete the NFT investment process when compared to a mobile wallet.

best wallet for NFTs

As such, the first step is to visit the MetaMask website and download the MetaMask extension to an Edge, Chrome, Brave, or Firefox browser.

Then, the user will need to create a very strong password for the wallet. After that, the user will be shown the private keys for their MetaMask wallet via a string of words. This should be written down and kept somewhere safe.

Step 2 – Deposit BNB

In this example, we are explaining how to invest in the Battle Infinity presale launch, which requires BNB as a means of payment. Therefore, the next step is to transfer BNB to the newly installed MetaMask wallet.

If the investor does not currently own BNB, this digital currency can be purchased from dozens of online exchanges. Binance – which backs the BNB token, is often the go-to platform for this purpose.

Not only does Binance support debit/credit cards, but it offers some of the lowest fees in the crypto industry.

Once BNB has been purchased, transfer the tokens to the MetaMask wallet. Take note, by default, MetaMask connects to the Ethereum blockchain only. As such, the user will need to manually add the Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask.

Binance offers a handy guide on how to do this here.

As soon as the Binance Smart Chain has been added to MetaMask, the user can copy their MetaMask wallet address. This can be found beneath the ‘Account 1’ tab.

Step 3 – Connect Wallet to Battle Infinity Presale  

One of the best things about the Battle Infinity presale is that the project has created a dashboard that allows investors to buy the IBAT token directly. This means that there is no requirement to use a third-party exchange to engage with the presale.

Instead, it’s just a case of connecting the wallet to the Battle Infinity website. After clicking on ‘Connect Wallet’, select ‘MetaMask’.

buy IBAT token

MetaMask will then populate a notification via the respective web browser asking for permission to connect to Battle Infinity. After confirming the connection, proceed to the next step.

Step 4 – Choose Investment Stake  

Now that the MetaMask wallet is connected to the Battle Infinity website, the user will need to decide how many IBAT tokens they want to buy. This can be any amount from 0.1 BNB to 500 BNB.

Battle Infinity Presale 

The presale exchange rate is 1 BNB = 166,666.66 IBAT, as is seen in the image above. After entering the number of BNB tokens, the IBAT equivalent will update in real-time.

Step 5 – Buy IBAT  

Finally, once the user is ready to confirm the trade, they will need to click on the ‘Buy IBAT’ button.

One final authorization is required from MetaMask, which will be reflected in another pop-up notification.

And that’s it – the IBAT presale investment process is complete. The tokens should now be viewable in the user’s MetaMask wallet.

The Verdict

This guide has explored the many top-rated NFT projects currently in the market. Overall, however, we found that Battle Infinity is the best NFT to buy right now.

This NFT project is currently in its presale phase, which allows investors to buy its native IBAT token at the best rate possible. In other words, after the presale concludes, IBAT will be sold to the public at a higher price.

Therefore, those entering the market now will benefit from an attractive cost price.


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