You’ll Be Surprised How Much Money The 2023 Super Bowl Cheerleaders Will Earn

eagles cheerleaders
eagles cheerleaders

Being a Super Bowl cheerleader is glamorous gig – right? Or so you’d think, but you might be shocked at the actual money the NFL cheerleaders make.

NFL Cheerleaders May Only Earn $15-20 An Hour

Of course, like any industry there will be different levels of experience and with that comes varied pay packets – the same applies to the world of NFL cheerleading.

Some professionals are reported to earn up to $75,000 a year, while a supporting cheerleader might only be able to command $20,000 a year salary. Regardless, earnings for both are still dwarfed by some of the salaries that the NFL players will back each year.

But, overall the pro cheerleaders, will only get around $15-$20 per hour, with the supporting cast on even less $9 and in general half of what the pro CL’s will get.

These figures have also come off the back of some recent increases after many complaints around the world of NFL.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Earn The Most

Yes, some will also be able to top up their cash with extra match fees and, of course, they get some snazzy outfits to wear, with the Dallas Cowboys said to be the most lucrative cheerleading job on the circuit.

Those at the summit of the cheerleading profession, and in the top 10 percent, can boost their earnings to $124,000 annually or $59 per hour.

There are also many hours of practice to sign-up to and with the next ‘younger and prettier’ cheerleader lurking just around the corner, then the life span for these NFL entertainers is often short.

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Did You Know Six NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders at ALL?

Many think that NFL and cheerleading go ‘hand-in-hand’ and after all it’s a nice way of keeping the crowds entertained during the long matches. However, there are actually six NFL sides that don’t have a team of cheerleaders at all – The Bears, Bills, Browns, Giants, Steelers and Packers.

Most of the teams state that their climate is just too cold to have them – unless the crowds what the dancers to perform in thick coats and woolly hats!

Giants co-owner John Mara told the New York Times: “Philosophically we have always had issues with sending scantily clad women out on the field to entertain our fans”.

Some Cheerleaders May Get a Super Bowl Bonus

The better news for cheerleaders is that if they support their team all the way to the Super Bowl, then they will often pick up Play-off bonuses along the way, and then a bigger reward should they reach (and then win) the Super Bowl.

Former 49ers Cheerleader Teri Hatcher Has a Super Bowl Winning Ring

Ex-Superman actress, Teri Hatcher was a cheerleader with the San Francisco 49ers back in the 1980’s and has a Super Bowl winners’ ring in her possession.

However, she’s since revealed that it wasn’t during her time as a cheerleader that she got the winners’ ring, but much later in 1994 when the 49ers won the Super Bowl and getting to know the team and the owners – which, somehow, led her to being given a 1994 Super Bowl winners ring.

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