Yann Sommer Seen Preparing For England’s Strikers By Wearing Expensive Sunglasses In Training


England will lock horns with Switzerland in the Euro quarter-final on Saturday and Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer is preparing for the match in a peculiar way.

How is Sommer preparing for the game?

The Switzerland goalkeepers were seen in training wearing glasses made by Japanese company VisionUp. The glasses are a battery-powered design and create a slow-motion effect when balls are struck, testing a goalkeeper’s reflexes.

The darker lenses are deployed to help stoppers develop their anticipation. Athletes in Tennis and Baseball have also been seen wearing the same glasses when they’ve been training.

England v Switzerland preview

Gareth Southgate appears to be implementing a tactical change by transitioning to a back three, which will provide more support for England’s attack by pushing the full-backs further up the field.

England are the lowest scoring team left in the competition with just four goals. Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham both share that tally with two each.

Switzerland has utilized a back three formation throughout the tournament, so Southgate may be aiming to neutralize Murat Yakin’s team.

Meanwhile, the Swiss team will be riding high after eliminating the reigning champions Italy in the Round of 16. They have been one of the highest scoring teams in the tournament with seven goals, all of which have been scored by different players.

They are a well-organized and disciplined team, and they are expected to give England a challenging match in the quarter-final.

Final word from Southgate

Southgate has said that his side must do everything to book their place in the semi-final. He’d have been very relieved that Bellingham and Kane came to him rescue to avoid an embarrassing defeat to Slovakia.

Southgate has acknowledged that there must be a chance in tactics and he also wants more from his players.

He said: “We showed great resilience and great character to keep going right until the end, and I think we deserved a draw in the 90 minutes.

“When you get the goal so early in extra time, you’re able to be in charge of things a little more. We have to get ourselves back to the mental stage we were in before the game with Slovakia.

“Where whatever it takes to win, you’ve got to be ready to go. You’ve got to be ready to go right to the depths again.”

England v Switzerland will be available to watch on FuboTV at 12pm EST/ 9am PT.

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