Xavi on Ronaldinho and Eto’o

Barcelona and Spain midfielder Xavi on Ronaldinho and Eto’o:

Xavi on Ronaldinho:

“Ronnie has always led the same sort of lifestyle.

He always told us, ‘that’s the way I am.’

When you lead that sort of life you have to understand that when your level drops then the knives will be out. He is like that, he likes going out and enjoying life.

He was full of life ever since he arrived and that’s how he won two league titles and Champions League.

He has his own private life that should not be interfered with, but it is true that private life also affects his sporting performances.

Ronnie went from being an idol for all Barcelona fans to being jeered and criticised, and that hurts anyone.”

Could the incessant speculation in the press and the subsequent loss of confidence by fans have contributed to Ronnie’s fall from grace? If a player is struggling and you turn your back on him (and he’s a confidence player who thrives on support), what’s he going to do – get better or get paranoid?

Xavi on Eto’o:

“People think he is unprofessional and a bad teammate, as if he were a time bomb waiting to explode in the dressing room, but he is nothing of the sort. He is a fine example of professionalism.

He knows he has made a lot of mistakes, but he surprises me with his enthusiasm and the sacrifice he makes in every game. He wants to be the best, and he is.”

Always thought that a lot was made out of Eto’o but with Ronaldinho and Deco gone there was always a chance Eto’o would stay, especially when no real rumours about him surfaced at the start of the summer (always a sure sign that ‘something’ is happening).

Question is – why was Xavi talking to Marca, of all publications?

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