Would Chelsea’s Jose Mourhino ever agree to manage Newcastle United?

Given all the rumors going on about Jose Mourhino and recent talk about him possibly wanting to stay in the premiership – which are the teams he may be attracted to — if Chelsea were to let him go in the summer (or at the end of his contract)?

Jose Mourhino was with Bobby Robson at Barcelona – and when Bobby took over as Newcastle manager in September 1999 he tried to get Mourhino as assistant manager….but Jose wanted to be a manager in his own right by that time.

If Jose does ever manage Newcastle (and the thought alone is uplifting) he would be a saint at Newcastle and the fans would worship him.

Jose has the ability to make good teams from the players available (the real definition of a good coach) as he showed at Porto – and with Newcastle currently having some very good players – (albeit under-performing) getting the best out of the current squad would probably have them in 5th place in the premiership.

Mourhino already been at Newcastle several times with Chelsea and has experienced the raw football fanaticism on Tyneside – where his team have been beaten a couple of times by Newcastle.

The following are some of the reasons Jose may be attracted to the unlikely place of Newcastle:

  • He would be Idolized at Newcastle (and he would love that)
  • He could (and would) bring success to a club that hasn’t had any for 40 years
  • Newcastle’s Fan base is second to none — and there would be 60,000 home gates
  • Newcastle’s Training facilities at Little Benton are second to none
  • Jose can forever be linked (and loved) with a club yearning for success

Certainly Newcastle could afford him – since success would be virtually guaranteed – and the extended stadium would be packed with 60,000 fanatical Geordies every home game.

With Mourhino at the helm he could bring out the best in the squad — which has plenty of class — and he could attract the 3 or 4 top players (mostly defenders) Newcastle currently need to build a team that could qualify for the Champions league.

Mourhino has also commented several times on how good the Newcastle youth policy is at Newcastle and of course – as already mentioned – our training facilities are world class.

While the money would not be available at Newcastle like it has been at Chelsea – the emergence of Newcastle under Mourhino would no doubt attract investors and the chances of a club take-over would be significantly increased…..and money would no doubt be made available under these circumstances.

While it will probably never happen — I cannot think of something more exciting for both the city and Newcastle United Football Club — than to capture Jose Mourhino on a five year contract.

The buzz in the city would make the Keegan days look dull.

But I’m only dreaming that this could ever happen — or could it?

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