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With Madrid confused on United and Robinho, will Chelsea get their man?



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Ramon Calderon is a man who has serious problems with putting his finger on reality. It could be that the pressure of presidency at the greatest club in the world is getting to him. Or it could be the age. Or the cocaine….

In any case, he’s been speaking to the press again (what with the Spanish league kicking off this weekend, Real Madrid looking to defend their title against a revamped Barcelona squad (missing two of their best players from the last 3 seasons, but what do I know about football) and Calderon depressed with not seeing his name in print for a while), and here’s what he had to say about… well, let’s start with ol’ Ronny boy:

“I can’t say anything about the coming year either because I don’t know what is going to happen. We don’t even know if we are going to be here… we hope that he comes, touch wood, but in a year’s time many things can happen.

All the fans want to see a player like Cristiano Ronaldo here, but I am convinced that in the same manner that Manchester would love to see all our players in their team.

Cristiano is not going to come now. As for the coming year, only God knows.”

Hope springs eternal in Madrid. So does the finest blend of snow, because you have to be high to believe that Manchester United would want all Madrid players to be playing for them. At a stretch, only Casillas and Sneijder would command a starting berth (Diarra, Nistelrooy, Robinho, Ramos would all be good squad players who would have to prove that they can play in the new system).

Slight nitpicking, but seriously, think before you speak.

Speaking of thinking (or lack thereof), Calderon spoke about Robinho as well yesterday, saying:

“The coach and the sports director want the player to stay and I am sure he will. Our squad is complete.

It is impossible for us to have one better than the one we have.”

With Real sporting director Predrag Mijatovic adding:

“Robinho has two years left on his contract.

Therefore he is our player for the next two seasons, so you can draw your own conclusions from that.”

That’s either a case of showing two fingers to Chelsea or a last-gasp desperate act of face-saving which would be quite silly if Robinho were to leave, say, today. Not sure if the rumours about Chelsea selling replica Robinho shirts are true but that would be an interesting turn of affairs if fans showed up at games wearing Robinho shirts but had only Malouda to cheer.

So, bottom line – Madrid are talking nonsense left and right, and with Villa staying at Valencia, Huntelaar staying at Ajax and no other hotshot striker in Madrid’s sights, Robinho could be staying at the Bernabeau. Or not. Let’s see what happens this weekend.