Will someone please forward this letter to David Beckham?

I’m serious – if you have any way of putting this in the mainstream media or actually sending it to dear ol Becks, please do so.

Dear Sir,

You are, and always will be, a legend.

And for all the trash people have thrown your way in the last few years, you were England’s number 1 trump card for the last 5-6 years of your international career.

And yes, Real Madrid at the time seemed the right choice – but there’s no place like home, and while Manchester United is on the rise again it will never be quite the same again.

But right now, this isn’t about Manchester United or Real Madrid – this is about you.

You know that Real Madrid bought you as a marketing icon. You know that they intend to keep you around for the same purpose.

With Reyes and Robinho in the team, you will never get a chance. It’s time to leave, sir, and that means accepting the unacceptable and doing one of two things:

  • Retiring
  • Playing for a lesser club than Manchester United or Real Madrid

Option 3 – accepting a reduced contract at Madrid and sticking around on the bench – is not really an option. It’s suicide, both for your reputation and for your career.

Option 1 – retiring – is the hardest one to accept because you’d be going out on a low note. I imagine that if you had won the World Cup in 2006 you would probably have retired – at least that’s how I saw it coming. Life doesn’t always give us what we want though, and maybe, just maybe, if you can’t take the hit and play for a lesser club, it’s time to move on.

Option 2 – playing for a lesser club – I don’t think playing in Italy will do you any good, unless you want to disappear into obscurity. Go elsewhere in Spain and you will be a laughing stock for the media (telling it like it is). England – it doesn’t feel right to think about you playing in another club apart from Manchester United in the Premiership, but stranger things have happened and at the very least you will be at home. The U.S. is an option, but surely not now.

Personally, I would love to see you back at Manchester United – but we know that’s not happening. The next best bet is in the Premiership.

A little over 50 days left till the January window opens – time to switch homes, Mr Beckham.

A Manchester United fan

What, you want me to give my contact details? Aw hell, just tell him to hit Soccerlens.com and drop me a line 😉

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