Will Soccer Ever Catch On in America?

With the signing of such internationally known stars as Beckham, Reyna and Blanco, many have asked me if I think soccer will every “Catch On” in America.

Yes, but it will never be as big as American Football, Baseball or Basketball.

Being an American I know that we love the sports that we either invented or made famous, this is why hockey never caught on (though it is still considered to be one of the big 4). Basketball was made famous by the great teams of the 70’s and 80’s, and of course Michael Jordan. Baseball is considered to be “America’s Past Time”, and American Football has become the number one sport in America to watch. So where is soccer’s place among them?

Soccer has made strides in this country and will continue to do so. The media blitz of the David Beckham signing, and his wife moving to LA have helped make the sport more recognizable among the American public. But many still feel it is a sport played by foreigners and should not be on American soil. Those people are naive and stupid. Now I love American Football, Basketball and Baseball…I’m American, it’s the way we are wired. But I will never say that a sport should not make its way into our culture, seriously it is the WORLD’S SPORT! It is the only sport that American’s compete in that has a true “World Champion”.

However, until the likes of Adu, Altidore, Dempsey and other Americans make a name for themselves, soccer will always play second to the big 3. Sorry Hockey, you have been replaced.

I see good things for the Beautiful Game in America, but it will depend on American and International stars alike.

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