Will Roy Keane Ever Manage Manchester United?

Since Wednesday night, everyone’s been talking about Roy Keane being revealed as Sunderland’s new manager (or savior or messiah – YMMV).

Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about Sunderland – and I doubt the press does either. Instead, everyone’s licking their chops at the thought of another public spat involving Roy Keane (man these bastards miss controversies, don’t they?).

What I’m more interested in is finding out (and putting a timeline on) whether Roy Keane will one day manage Manchester United.

So, what do you think? It may be blasphemy in some quarters to think badly of Keano, but will he make a good manager? More importantly, will he ever be able to manage a high-profile club like Manchester United?

From a commenter on the Guardian blog:

Roy keane was a great player. yet he remains a man who seldom managed to control all the above while on the field. in the dugout where he will invariably be chafing to get onto the field, what is going to stop him?

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