Will Levis Draft Odds: Will He Be Selected By Pick #41?

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rsz lex 20221112 ukvvandy 1065

There were plenty of fireworks during the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft on Thursday night, which featured a plethora of trades and surprising selections. But for Kentucky quarterback Will Levis, he never even made it out of the “green room” after a historic slide down the draft board.

Levis was one of the players who was thought to have a rising stock over the final few weeks of the draft process. He began as one of the four quarterbacks that could have been selected in the top-10, though he was considered to be on a tier below the likes of CJ Stroud and Bryce Young.

Over/Under 40.5 Draft Position For Will Levis

But some late revelations and social media rumors began to move the needle for Levis. In the few days leading up to the draft, it felt like he could be a dark horse candidate to slip in front of one of the other top QBs, and there were even whispers that he could be the first overall pick by the Panthers.

Things went far differently for Will Levis when the draft actually rolled around. One by one, his peers were drafted ahead of him, with Levis hugging them on their way to the stage. But the one hug that he never got on Thursday night was the one from the commissioner, as the first round concluded without his name being called.

It was one of the more historic draft falls, from a betting standpoint, anyway. According to the oddsmakers, there was a less than 0.01% chance that Levis dropped out of the first round, and the bettors bought in to the hype. Bryce Young was the favorite to be the top pick, but it ended up that nearly as many wagers were made on Levis as there were on him.

Levis Will Not Be In Kansas City Tonight

So where will he be picked? Levis apparently won’t stick around in Kansas City for the 2nd and 3rd rounds on Friday evening, though it is very likely that he is selected at some point during that time.

The oddsmakers have set the line. Will Levis now has an over/under of 40.5 of what is draft position will end up being. This is a far cry from where we all thought he might land yesterday, but it feels like the proper range for him in today’s action, especially given the teams that sit near the 40th pick.

There could of course be a team that trades up for him, but as it stands right now, the Saints hold the 40th pick while the Titans hold the 41st, and both teams could be interested in adding a quarterback to the roster.

The second round of the 2023 NFL Draft begins tonight at 7PM Eastern.

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