Why Torres can change Liverpool’s fortunes

There’s a lot of talk (smack) from Liverpool rivals about how Torres is too expensive, how he can’t score goals and how Liverpool will still be a defensive-minded team with Torres around.

Everyone’s missing the point. Liverpool have bought pure talent and a player who will do much more than score goals for them.

Off the top of my head:

  • Liverpool now have a world-class striker to bail them out when they can’t score at all.
  • Liverpool now have a talented player to link up with Gerrard and Alonso and play at ‘their’ level.
  • Liverpool will mint money from Torres shirt sales – and mind you, this is important because he just might pay for his own wages, giving Pool leverage to go out and buy more players.
  • Liverpool are a better team than last season, mainly because of the attacking threat that Torres provides.

So, Scouse-bashers (I’m one of them sometimes), let it be. Liverpool have a great player on their books, and it’ll be a treat to watch in the Prem.

Mind you though, I still think they over-paid for him. There are some people saying that Liverpool paid 10m too much for him.

So be it. Liverpool will be a better side because of Torres, and as a United fan, this signing actually worried me a bit (until I found out that United were wrapping up Tevez, that is).

And while we’re at it, from our friends at the UK Soccer Shop:

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