Why Liverpool won it the 5th time

As Liverpool prepare themselves for tonights Champions League final in Athens, If I were a Liverpool supporter I would feel short changed this season.

Over recent months it has become apparent that Rafael Benitez has been guilty of playing for one competition, thus getting to the final has thrown Liverpool into the limelight once more but compared to Manchester United and Chelsea’s seasons they simply fail by the same standards.

If I were a Manchester United fan or a Chelsea fan I would have prefered to go out in the Semi-finals of the Champions League knowing that my players had given everything to the cause in each of the four competitions.

As it stands it is Liverpool who represent England in this years final, they are fresh unlike Manchester United and injury free unlike Chelsea for the simple reason they have treated the Premiership as pre-season games.

This isn’t new in 2005 they did the same thing and won in Istanbul, and last year an early exit at the hands of Benfica prompted them to turn their attentions to the FA Cup.

Now if I were a Liverpool season ticket holder, I wouldnt be too impressed at the fact the team treat the Premiership as a Warm up, friendly or pre season training rather than an actual competition.

Being an Englishman I would like to see Liverpool bring back the European Cup but the fact they have held back all season for this one competition stains their success and in many other people’s eyes also.

In my opinion UEFA should elect to reduce the number of teams entering the Champions League and also as the name sugguests when was the last time Liverpool were indeed League Champions?

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