Why, Oh Why, Are You A Newcastle Fan?

Put your guns down guys, this is not a Newcastle-bashing session.

The title was to get your attention. And now that I have it, I want to ask you Newcastle fans something.

This is an extract from an article (albeit slightly offensive to Newcastle fans) I just read:

“Every football supporter in the country will lay claim to the fact that they have the best supporters in the country. The more vociferous supporters tend to be supporters of teams who haven’t won anything of note since Geoff Hurst was a lad, a sort of small-penis syndrome.

The worst offenders of this are Newcastle United fans, just listening to them and they would have you believe that they were getting average gates of 40,000 in the old Second Division.”

Read the full article.

What I’m asking is to hear some reasoned, intelligent response to the article. There is no doubt that all clubs have a core of passionate supporters, and Newcastle United is no different. But do the arguments raised by this article make sense, or are they just another piss-taking attempt from a rival fan?

Once again, intelligent answers please.

And if you’re interested in writing about Newcastle United, drop me a line.

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