Why Liverpool Fans Are Silently Livid!

As a lifelong Liverpool fan I have to admit that this summer, contrary to what one might have expected, scares me more than I can remember.

The reason is this: While we are now rich we are acting as those who do not know how to spend our new-found money. In America they call it Neuvo Riche, or one who does not know how to spend unexpected wealth (for those of you subjected to a comprehensive education, or worse yet an American one…).

Basically, new, surprising cash means, usually, one of two things:

1. Hesitation and no new purchases. or
2. Impetuous and/or foolish purchases.

The former seems the more likely as today. Now I know the Red faithful (and for God’s sake I’m one of you) have the same apologetics I have. Mainly that Liverpool’s summer targets are in La Liga, thus we cannot move until they are done. But with La Liga still a week away from climax and what must be considered a failed attempted by Liverpool at a well-documented target in Eto’o, one cannot help but worry Villa (Now perhaps thinking he is second choice for Liverpool) will perhaps sign for another club, possibly an arch rival, and Liverpool are now shopping for a top class finisher with a list that has none to offer.

The winger problem has yet to be resolved as well, which is a concern as it may be an even bigger weakness than the forward mess. Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal all have much better wing play than Liverpool.

Why do we always seem unable to create and finish off the teams of the lower table?

Simple. Everyone knows they can shut us down if they have to. We have no creativity or plan B of attack. Control is nothing if we can’t take it with us into the box and create chances, just look at the CL final.

Now I’m not saying, “Abandon all faith, ye poor Reds…” But I am very wary that the, “Changes will come immediately,” claims have yet to be realized.

Food for pessimistic thought.

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