Why is Lampard worried about his Chelsea contract?

Why is Frank Lampard so upset at not being offered a new contract? At his age and with his talents, he could walk into any team (yes, even Liverpool with their stuffed central midfield) if he were to leave Chelsea. And he wants to stay at Chelsea, then he already has a contract on the table which he’s turned down and asked for more money in return.

Talking to the London Evening Standard:

“I’ve been approached a few times by the club saying they are going to come to me with something and they haven’t. That means they’re saying they will have to wait until the summer and I don’t really know what that means. I said at the beginning of the season I didn’t want to talk about my contract because I wanted to concentrate on my football.

They have made contact but it hasn’t been with any news. They’ve been saying that something is going to happen but if we wait until the summer and nothing happens then I’ve got a year left which is not a position I want to be in.”

Why not? Seriously, if you want to stay at Chelsea, then does it matter if you have one year left or if your contract runs out?

Presumably if the club wants you too (which Chelsea have repeatedly said that they do), then there shouldn’t be any problem. And if it’s playing football Frank Lampard is worried about, he doesn’t need to worry too much – almost any team in Europe would snap him up if he became available (contrary to popular propaganda, he has a lot more to offer than just long-range shots).

“I’ve made it very clear I want to stay here and I want to know what’s going on. I love playing for this club, I’m enjoying the greatest days of my career. Every time I run out for the club I don’t think about the contract but when I am at home I would like it to be sorted out. It’s dragged on this season and that’s not ideal for me.”

There is one thing though – the amount of money Lampard is asking for in wages is not something any other club would pay, unless Lampard were to be a free agent, and obviously Chelsea are not going to let that happen. So the longer it drags on, the greater the possibility that Chelsea will come back with a contract that is going to give him less than he’s asking for, less than he wants.

And obviously that’s a situation no footballer would find ideal…

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