Why is goal-line video technology taking so long?

The powers-that-be in English football have announced that the goal-line vid tech experiment will be started from the 2008/2009 season, with the blessings of the IFAB and what not.

If you’re done celebrating, here’s a worrying thought: Why the fuck is it taking so long, and how painful will the next season be (2007/2008) when we know we have the ability and authority to use the technology for league matches but can’t use it because the ‘authorities’ don’t allow it?

From the press reports, the HawkEye technology will cost £50,000 a season for five years (for each club).

Just to think that Ballack could sponsor Chelsea’s goalline tech with half a week’s wages. So could Rio for Manchester United. Henry for Arsenal, Gerrard for Liverpool.

The point is – the technology is not expensive to install and set up. Training is not complicated (not if you start now). We could have the tech installed at the end of the season and train the staff to use it over the summer.

The FA is afraid of change. Football is afraid of change. The reaction to the penalty-shootouts was surprising – any changes suggested to the traditional way of playing football are dealt with venom and unbridled anger, as if their mother’s honor had been challenged.

Goalline tech should be in place at the start of the 2007/2008 season – wasting a full year means that another season will go by with us watching non-goals given. It happens every season – would Blackburn pay 50k to buy back that one point they lost to West Ham? Would Chelsea pay 50k to turn over that Liverpool goal? 🙂

I’m happy that the right steps are being taken – but they’re being taken too slowly, and at this rate, too many of football’s problems will go unchecked in the next 10 years.

Do you really want to see football like that?

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