Why I Seriously Considered Being A Chelsea Fan

There was a fascinating article in Yahoo Sports the other day that talked about New York Yankees and their rich, fan-owner, George SteinBrenner.

Reading it made me realise that for Chelsea fans, the last 3 years have been a magnificent joyride and for all the mud that’s been thrown at them for “buying titles” and playing in a different league than everyone else is, to an extent, unfair.

The fact that Roman Abramovich has shitloads of money to throw at Chelsea does not take away from the following:

  • They have a very good tactician as manager (despite being an egomaniac)
  • They have assembled an excellent squad and while it’s not a ‘fantasy team’, it is still capable of winning all competitions that it enters.

In fact, you could even claim that because of Chelsea, the standard and quality of football in the Premiership has risen as the top teams (and pyramidically, everyone else) are pushed to play much more consistently over a season in order to win the title.

To Chelsea fans – congratulations on having an owner who has the money to make your club’s dreams come true.

For the rest of us, tell me this – would you be complaining this much if your own club was bought by a multi-billionaire? If your club bought the best players and won titles, would you be mad at the ‘disparity’ between your club’s buying power and that of others?

Looking forward to your answers 🙂

About the title of this article – it’s tempting to support a team that is doing so well, but I’m not going to switch allegiences. I’m still a Man Utd fan, although with some of our old team playing at Madrid it’s hard not to want to support them as well.

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