Why Chelsea fans want Mourinho back

There’s been a lot of criticism for Avram Grant, most of it undeserved (he’s NOT the best manager in the world, and sometimes his players just don’t play well enough). But if there’s one arena Grant definitely lacks in, it’s the ability to deal with other managers.

Remember the Grant whinge about the fixture switch (have to play Everton away after playing Wigan home – the horror!)? Fergie’s reply to that was typical – pointing out last year’s scenario when Chelsea played a tired Tottenham and how that had little bearing on the title race, and that not only would this have little effect on the title race, the fixture shuffle gave Chelsea an advantage over Manchester United.

Now if it had been Mourinho, he would have one-upped Ferguson with ascerbic wit and done his best to make Fergie look like a hypocrite.

What did Avram Grant say? He mumbled something along the lines of: “What, is he joking?”

What the hell? Is this what the time-honored tradition of sniping and mindgames between managers has turned into? Where one manager could call the other a voyeur and eventually get away with, his successor’s best comeback is to make a fool of himself?

No Mr Grant, he’s not joking. You’re whining, and if you can’t come up with a better comeback, don’t expect the fans to back you. They’re fickle, and used to a whole lot better.

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