Why are people jealous of David Beckham?

There are a lot of football fans who seem to resent David Beckham.

A lot of self-proclaimed football purists and journalists hold the same feelings towards Becks.

You know what the funny thing is? Not one of them resents him as a person or as a footballer – they are all pissed off at him because of the press coverage he gets.

Victoria Beckham is not a great musician (calling her a ‘musician’ is almost blasphemy). What she DOES have figured out is how to maintain her public image and profile.

David Beckham is NOT the best footballer in the world. He may be one of those who trains the hardest, but he’s no where near the best in terms of abilities and skills.

And yet he too has mastered the art ‘being there when it counts’. Beckham has, pound for pound, contributed as much to Real Madrid’s winning run in the second half of the season as any other Madrid player (less than RVN though).

So why does everyone hate them? It’s comical at times – people say that the hype he’s getting in America is not deserved, that the money he’s earning is not deserved, that the US media are fuckin’ idiots (guilty by association now?) or that he’s just crap at footy.

So all this resentment because he’s a bad footballer? Or because he’s paid too much money?

Becks and Posh are the couple who have, in 10 years, achieved more than their wildest dreams. They have bought their way into fame and Hollywood, on the back of Beckham’s amazing marketability.

Today’s million dollar question is – why are you guys jealous?

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