Who will Eriksson bring to Manchester City?

News is filtering in today that Sven Goran Eriksson – he of England fame (and a respectable club management career before that) – has agreed in principle to manage Manchester City in a 3 year deal. It’s part of a 3-year plan by Thaksin (as alluded to in earlier comments) to turn Manchester City around and (presumably) take them to Europe.

We’ve talked about Eriksson record and discussed Thaksin’s potential impact on City as well. With Eriksson on board and Thaksin taking over Manchester City, there is one big question that has to be asked:

Who will Eriksson bring on board?

Manchester City need to replace Joey Barton, but they also need reinforcements up front, to clean the deadwood in the current squad and most importantly, to get City off to a good start in the Premiership and be able to maintain it – something that Pearce wasn’t able to do.

You’ve got 50mil to spend, you have license to do whatever it takes to turn the team around and you have a fan base and nucleus of players that can help the club make a play for European football. Who will he bring in though? Who will be Eriksson’s Beckham, his go-to guy, now that Barton has gone?

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