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It could be defined that a white label betting site is a franchise in some ways, as the brand owner will essentially pay for the service and try to attract new customers whilst the operator actually provides the products and manages the customers that they have on the books.

There are a vast number of new white-label betting sites on the internet, as many of them are operated by those who have vast experiences in the world of gambling and online betting, whilst they will be able to provide a service which can run smoothly. Those that use the service will not generally have to deal with the responsibility of the sites but will be able to command a profit.

What can a White Label offer?

White label betting sites and third-party platforms will help to provide a service that can provide all the need-to-know information and can help take away the stress of starting from scratch. They are incredibly easy to set-up, as those that wish to use them will generally simply tell them what they want the site to offer and they will simply do the rest.

How do white label betting sites work?

There are a number of different ways that a white label betting site will work, although there is a simple and generic method that can be followed.

The definition of a white label is that it is a site that is operated by someone other than the brand owner and that means the operator is the one who owns all of the gambling licences, whilst also being responsible for the customers, their safety and funds. The owner of the site will be responsible for attracting new business.

There are three levels to a white label service, with the ‘full service’, the ‘partial service’ and the ‘feeds only’ service.

The ‘full service’ is where everything in regards to the gambling operation has been provided, therefore meaning the owner does not need to concern themselves with anything in that regard. A ‘partial service’ is a little more difficult to do, however, it is easily completed. This is where operators that may have some experience decide they want to control certain elements, but want the white label provider to still do something else. However, this method will see the brand operator have the responsibility of looking after their customers, not the provider.

‘Feeds only’ is a service in which operators will use certain betting odds feeds, but will complete everything else they need. It is not uncommon for some of the biggest sportsbooks to use this service.

Why are these services used?

Many will look to use this service because of money or time. With the number of people that bet on sports and games in the world, online gambling is incredibly lucrative and everyone will want to get a slice of that money in the quickest way possible.

Furthermore, with the way that technology continues to evolve and at its rapid pace, the fact that it takes far too long to create a site from scratch, which can then make it out of date before it even hits the market. Therefore, it is simpler to pay someone with the experience to provide one, whilst they will remain updated with the latest trends. However, they can cost a huge amount of money to set-up, but the amount spent can be a wise investment.