Which football player do you hate the most?

Football provides us with players we hero worship and love. It also creates villains and players we loathe and detest. Here are my top 5 most hated, reviled players, past and present (you are welcome to add yours to the list in the comments below):

1) Gary Neville

He is public enemy number 1 in Liverpool. He particularly endeared himself to Liverpool fans by wildly gesticulating and baiting them after victory. He regularly stirs up the hatred and ill feeling between the two sets of fans by making derogatory statements about the city and the people of Liverpool in the media. He dreams of scoring a last minute winner at Anfield. Scousers dream of punching him. I dream of a weeping Gary Neville lying on the Athens turf as Stevie G lifts that famous trophy. Again.

2) Craig Bellamy

I support Liverpool but just can not stand him. He moans and whinges through 90 minutes of football, contesting every decision with referees, even when he is clearly in the wrong. He is not a team player. He is a non-conformist, full of his own self importance and a complete nutter, as Graeme Souness and John Arne Riise will testify. If he wants to attack defenders with a small club he should sign for Everton!. Also why does he have no neck?!

3) Eric Cantona

An absolute nutter – a sandwich short of a picnic. But what a player! If the truth be told, i really hate him because he came back from that infamous kung fu kick ban to lead Manchester United to the treble and broke my heart in the Fa Cup final. It was one of my lowest moments as a Liverpool fan. what particularly annoyed me was his arrogance and cockiness on the pitch – the way he would strut around with his chest puffed out and his collar upturned, but with the ball at his feet he was poetry in motion. But his poetry was crap- what was all that nonsense about seagulls?? A true football genius though.

4) Robbie Savage

Another player from the same mold as Bellamy, who thinks that he is better than he actually is. A player opposition fans truly hate and love to bait. He is not a football player, but a spoiler. He will hassle, harry and hack at your ankles for a whole 90 minutes. He must be a nightmare to play against. I hope somebody smacks him one of these days!

5) Clinton Morrison

He famously boasted that he could have finished 5 of the chances Owen missed in cup match against Crystal Palace. This cocky lad loved and enjoyed every minute of the ensuing media publicity and headlines. He embarrassed himself in the return leg by being the worst player on the pitch and executed his famous air shot in front of a howling , baying Kop. That incident is part of Anfield folklore now. In fact i dont loathe him, i feel pity because he made a complete twat of himself!

Would anybody care to agree/disagree and add some players who get your own blood boiling?

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